Ilya Yashin: “Survive as long as you want, “my mother”


Илья Яшин: "Выживайте как хотите, "родные мои"

“Airlines expect came to ask for help from the state. Complain that much affected by the crisis: there is no profit, but it is necessary to give the employees a salary to pay for the riser, perform maintenance of aircraft. Citizens also complain: income decreased to a minimum, but need somewhere to get food, paying utilities, to buy children diapers. People are also asking for help from the government,” says the head of the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow on his page in Facebook.

“For the people Putin has one answer: “my dear, understand that this is difficult, but we must be patient”. But the airlines have allocated 23.4 billion rubles. This subsidy is the money that they will get free of charge and are not required to return to the state.

Yes, everyone understands that air travel has suffered greatly from the epidemic. But why large businesses allocate tens of billions, and the cafes and Barber shops, even the taxes do not want to forgive? Why huge subsidies to corporations, government issues on demand, and citizens cannot allocate any accidents 20 thousand rubles?

And the airlines have questions. We all remember that back in March, the carriers promised to return the money for excellent flights to all passengers. Promised compensation even to those whose rate does not imply a refund. Don’t worry, they say, citizens, we enter the situation of force majeure after all. Promised, and immediately sent lobbyists in the Duma and the government for permission not to return the money.

And while they solved the question in high offices, people pickled in support services. Talked about turn on refund about what you need to wait about the need to file a complaint in writing. Well, in the end, I just stopped answering the phone.

In the end we got a law that entitles the airlines just don’t return the money. Carriers have the legal right to change the terms of the agreement with the client unilaterally, and instead of money people are promised vouchers.

In short, as usual. The government saves big business at the expense of ordinary citizens. Representatives of corporations come in the offices of officials, as a home, and get everything they want: subsidies, benefits, they need laws.

And the people? Yes, spit on you. Survive as long as you want, “my mother”.



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