Illegal video streaming service Popcorn Time returns


The once popular illegal streaming service Popcorn Time is back after years of radio silence, the makers report on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Love in the Time of Corona Version 0.4 is out,” they write. It seems that the makers have brought back Popcorn Time, because many people are now at home because of the corona virus. The second-to-last version of the service came online in 2016.

Popcorn Time was first released in 2014. It quickly became a hit with many users. The service is known as the illegal, free version of Netflix, with a simple app and a wide range of movies and series to stream. Newer films can also be viewed immediately. The video service works with BitTorrent.

Popcorn Time was taken offline several times after legal action from the film industry. The service was also blocked in several countries, so that people could no longer access it. Users were fined.

In recent years, new versions of Popcorn Time occasionally came online, but the service was mainly kept offline. Hundreds of new films and series can be seen on the new version.


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