Identified as an effective way to speed up conception


Назван эффективный способ ускорить зачатие ребенка How to have a baby soon, said the experts.

Employees of Harvard University claim that lovers wishing to become parents as soon as possible, should be included in the diet of tuna, clams and shrimp.

According to scientists, seafood will help to conceive a child. This is facilitated by the presence of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. By eating tuna and salmon improves the quality of sperm.

Shellfish contain protein and zinc, important for women. According to the researchers, frequent consumption of seafood increases the chance to become parents twice.

Experts conducted a study involving 500 couples. Earlier, the lovers were unable to conceive a child. After they sat on a special diet, many of the subjects have succeeded.

If man and woman eat seafood, the chance to become parents will increase at least 40%. It is advisable to eat fish, shellfish and shrimp at least twice a week.


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