Identification with the killers


Отождествление с убийцами

Reading the comments…

So I can imagine people who sincerely believed that the Germans were “not worthy of memory”, and there condemned in the “case” Network protection, and, for the sake of completeness — that Khodorkovsky is a crook, and Bulk “stole the whole forest.” Of course, it works in this direction and machine-trolls, but this does not exclude the existence of genuinely so thoughtful of the Russians.

But it is much harder for me to imagine people genuinely thinking that we should not investigate the murder of Nemtsov, it is not necessary to find out the truth about the torture in the “Network” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), — my mind does not fit this picture of the world. But such commentators too. And I’m assuming that some of them are sincere people. To rationalize this picture of the world is very difficult — it might be important some emotion (fear? participation to the “great and terrible”?). Or just the confidence that “you killed one,” and torture was, and “Boeing” was shot down, — when identification with killing and torturing the subject?


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