Ida leftovers drowned New York city


The remnants of Hurricane Ida, which caused enormous damage in the U.S. State of Louisiana on Sunday, now also affect the east coast of the United States. Six people have died, according to local media, in New York and New Jersey, where there are floods and a state of emergency.

In New York City, because of heavy rainfall, subways and subway stations are also under water. The subway network is down. Residents are advised to stay at home and only emergency services are allowed on the road for the time being. “This is a historic event,” says Mayor Bill de Blasio, who talks about record amounts of rain and dangerous situations on the roads.

The floods would have killed at least four people in New York. Two deaths have been reported in the upcoming state of New Jersey. Just like in New York, tens of millimeters of rain fell here, flooding roads. Dog flights in the region have been cancelled. In New Jersey, a “big and extremely dangerous” tornado was also observed.

Warnings for tornadoes came into force on Wednesday in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. “This is a life-threatening situation, flying debris can be deadly,” said the American Weather Service. There is also a risk of tornadoes in the state of New York, although the predictions vary thereafter.

The very bad weather is caused by the remains of Ida, which landed in southern Louisiana as a hurricane at the end of last week with gusts of up to 241 kilometers per hour. Five people died and a million households lost power.



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