Ice Antarctica is shaken by mysterious tremors


Льда Антарктиды сотрясают загадочные толчкиAt night in some Antarctic regions, there are brief but intense shaking of the ice.

The scientists watched how the melt water and the ice melting in General affects the Antarctic region. Is a gradual melting of the ice was the cause of night “earthquakes”. During the summer season, the researchers found two seismometer at a distance of 20 kilometers from each other. They called them “dry” and “wet” stations. On wet ice station quickly turned into a puddle, while the dry site was less prone to melting even under bright sunlight.

Every night on the “wet” station, the researchers recorded hundreds and even thousands of short, barely noticeable ice aftershocks that result from the movement of melted ice. In the “dry” station, similar events occurred much less frequently. According to the researchers, they were provoked by the human activity, for example, drive the transport.

Glaciologists explained by the fact that as the night temperature drops, the ice on the surface is compressed, and the water, on the contrary, expands. In the result, the ice cover is deformed, until it finally crumbles miserably. By analyzing such shocks, the researchers will be able to determine in what region the ice is melting the fastest.


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