IBM has created the most powerful quantum computer in the world


IBM создала самый мощный квантовый компьютер в мире Experts claim that built a CPU with 50 quantum bits.

American company IBM has announced about an important event in the so-called race with other technology companies for the creation of a powerful quantum computer.

“Dario Gil, who heads the Department for research on quantum computing and artificial intelligence, said that scientists have successfully built and measured a prototype of the processor with 50 quantum bits. According to Gil, a quantum computer with the power created for the first time”, – stated in the publication.

Qubits, or quantum bits memory quantum computer. Ordinary computers uses a simple binary system in which anything can be coded in zeros and ones. A quantum computer instead analyzes the qubits as both of these entities simultaneously. This allows a quantum machine to predict the outcome of many different scenarios at the same time.


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