I have successfully to catch the walleye


Andrew convinced me to go on Akhtuba, to catch a predator on a jig. The argument is simple – if not caught, and not scary.

And suddenly find something interesting, like last time with Viacom? And suddenly which new compute? Against such arguments, I was powerless. Put on warm clothes, turned on the absence of bite (even a bottle of “sleeping pills” he took with him) and went.

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In the morning a light frost. Expected it to be colder. I again forgot to bring the spray anti-freeze braids on the rings. So he can say, and not needed at all.

Early in the morning there was no wind at all. Frank is a calm, and freezing on the Tulip and the rings were “soft”. Cleaned rings are quite rare, and casts soft Amorosi almost did not interfere.

But caught a perch the first cast I was very alarmed. A sign of this. If the first cast fishing – it may be the last for this fishing.

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Andrew at this time fought with mesh that poachers set along the shore, but still tied so tight that the clay shores of the two of us her could not pull off. In General, we blocked one of the promising areas of fishing. I went upstream and indulged in “thoughtful jig”.

Not reverie, but it is the thoughtfulness – what is it?

This is when giguere, knowing that there are fish, but no takes. This is when while fishing in the head plucked like fishing. This is when three of the cast wants to change the bait. First, the one where you have more confidence in such situations, then the one that should be suitable under the conditions theoretically.

Well, let’s say, to radically change the color or put something longer or, conversely, “big-bellied”. Play with the size of the lure.

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All these thoughts swarmed me while I was caught on the foam. Why, you ask, is the foam? It is because of the greatest credibility.

Foam fish carved himself, of the goods also pour myself, so the cost of my jig baits conditionally equal the value of the double. Plus, the habit to catch on these lures allows me to better understand the current, the faster to find the acceptable load, to understand the importance of distance casting or fishing in the snags.

I’m usually on Akhtuba using a thin 8-wire braid with a breaking load #1, according to Japanese classification. But this time I rejected it.

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Old cord Sunline still quite suitable for fishing, except that at the toe I shortened much. Started to throw away from the backing. That is, when casting the knot flying through the rings, but they can be ice!

To lose the remnants of the cord that I can use when fishing with lures, I did not want. For this reason, I started to catch on a thicker cord 15 lb (according to the international classification) and accordingly use a more heavy load. After all, for was more.

Oh and spinning I chose the appropriate test, to 32, which allow to catch and easy to frost, that is not very small. But the sensitivity of his height. Here in this mode and with this kit I caught the first pike-perch.

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Upstream began to understand that with the load I’m guessing, 25 grams flying with a small parolantoj perfectly acceptable to throw to the opposite of the drop off, where it happened before biting pike and perch, but this time the stall was empty. Well, silent.

At depth there were some contacts with the fish, like perch picking at the bait. But the strike failed. Born thoughts to sh is a place with a drain lead.

He began to remember that I have, suddenly again the rhythm speed of the transaction was broken, I automatically hooked! Someone dragged! Andrew calls for help. Turns out he found a continuation of the grid, which we never pulled out completely. He cannot do this alone, and I then fish some oppression spinning.

Caught a nice walleye. Pecked at depth.

A nibble fingered. The same kicks I took it for perches. So, walleye are also caught. Just not very active. Well, so be it…

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Surprisingly, anglers on the river were few, even on the Sabbath day. Using this, we walked along the river, traveled to different places. Almost everywhere I caught one or two walleye.

One day I decided to change porolono silicone-Ripper. Put the dark, with glitter.

I was looking for an alternative to the little foam fish to improve the performance in catching perch. This Twister did well on the cold water in spring and autumn, as in the perch, and the pike.

Form elongated, very volatile bait, just bites at her I never saw. For the sake of purity of experiment at the same place made 5 casts again to the foam and still saw the line. It turns out, Zander like something more bulky, pot-bellied?

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I have had a small twisters more pot-bellied, but that’s the time to experiment was not. It became clear that pike tolerably well reacts on black foam fish. To stay with the catch, we need to continue to catch and be ready for the rare bites.

It is in the Astrakhan region the clocks go an hour early, and we have in the Volgograd region at 16:30 o’clock already dusk.

In General, their tactics worked out I caught 9 perch, one was pardoned because of “minority”. Interestingly, pike were more restrained than pike.

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I caught just one, a couple seen as they near the shore carried the bait. Maybe just not picking up the bait and it did not. All specimens were caught at depth. On the slopes I didn’t catch any fish.

Remembering how Andrew asked me to go fishing in this difficult time, thanking him. Fishing was very interesting.


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