I eat mom for Christmas: the daughter will scatter mom’s ashes over the Turkey and pudding


Я съем маму на Рождество: дочь развеет прах мамы над индейкой и пудингом

This year for Christmas, Debra Parsons (Debra Parsons) from Folkestone (Folkestone), Kent County (Kent), will eat her mom’s ashes, scattering it over the festive Turkey and pudding.

As this will be the first Christmas that Debra (41 years) will meet without his mother, who died in may, the woman especially hard to grieve. For Debra, the mother of two children, it is doubly difficult because on Christmas day 1996, she already lost her son, born prematurely. So she took the unexpected decision to eat the ashes of his mother. Debra says: “This is the only thing that will help me get through my first Christmas without my mom. People may think I’m crazy or behave disrespectfully, but I can’t help it. I think about it in a positive way: this will allow mothers to be closer to me and give her the opportunity to participate in the family celebration. I feel that she will be able to continue to live inside me, because if it is a part of me, it will be able to breathe through my body. My breath is its breath.”

Doreen brown (Doreen Brown) died in may from disorders of the airway in the result of a lung infection. Mom was the closest person of Debra, she has helped her survive all of life’s UPS and downs. So when older women did not, it was a huge hit for her daughter.

After the funeral and cremation Debra started to think, what to do with the ashes of his mother. She immediately rejected the idea to scatter them at a favorite place Doreen, because I didn’t want just to throw it away. First, Debra put the ashes in a plastic box I always kept beside him, but not even that helped her to feel a real intimacy with the deceased. One of these days when she especially missed his mother, she found inspiration: “I don’t know how I did it the first time. Something told me what to do. I opened the box with the ashes, licked his fingers and plunged them inside. Before I realized what they were doing, his fingers were in my mouth. He felt this salty taste, I suddenly feel so comfortable, as there was of the death of the mother.”

With each passing day the desire to eat ashes Doreen was increasingly difficult to resist. With Christmas coming it became completely unbearable. “At Christmas you want to be closer to his family. But I don’t want to eat ashes with a spoon, I want to make it part of the holiday feast. We’ll leave the table a place for mom and put her photo to create the feeling that she was with us.”

Fiance Debra, with whom they plan to marry next year, supported his bride. Deyura said he was very glad that my loved ones understand it. Besides, she was sure her mother would support any idea that will help Debra continue to live without her.


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