I am the agent of the West, and I am proud of


Я — агент Запада, и тем горжусь

The Western world gave Russia the best of everything — both materially and intellectually. But Russian conservatives the foundations pretend not to notice.

I write this text in the cursed West. Largely because the journalist here is what to do.
Show completely… And in Russia, someone got it right (I think Kashin), all the news a long time are reduced to two: 1) you were banned; 2) you were allowed. Out recently in the Federation Council seriously discussed, not to label Lee as agents of the West individual journalists if they write on the money of the West and its interests.

Me in the West yet do not pay (I for the life of crying here), but is ready to sew onto the back of the diamond and the star agent. It will be honest: I do write in the interests of the West, because the West is the best there is in Russia. If the Federation Council will suddenly refuse products of the West, before us stand 170 And naked bodies. those bodies that will be possible to watch without laughing, too, are products of Western technology — from fitness clubs and spas.

We are all history take the best from the West. Almost everything that gives us so much pleasure — from clothing to homes, from gadgets to gifts under the tree, is Western in its origin, design, manufacturing algorithm.

Obviously. However, this evidence does not affect the Russian anti-Western hysteria. However, in this we are not unique. Third world countries generally blamed the West. They can produce enough such that would have delighted the world, so shouting about the specialness and spirituality that is so wonderful that no measure and thus cannot be compared with anything, as bequeathed great, but not too clever poet Tiutchev. Spirituality — well it’s not cheese, although cheese is, from my point of view, is a materialized spirituality: the triumph of intelligence in the ability to turn bystrocice milk in Dolgorukaya tasty product.

But the agents of the West I carry myself, not because, like you, prefer Western things domestic, that is, quality — poor.

I’m a fan and adept of the West, because his God and engine — knowledge and education.

Our brains were formed about 250 thousand years ago when the main goal was survival in the Savannah. His intuitive abilities enough just to find food and identify threats. Our brain was not created to solve a logarithmic equation, write columns for websites and send probes to comets. Hence the eternal problem: the ancient, intuitive in our brain resists new data and facts. Intuitively we are unable to understand and accept even the fact that the Earth is a sphere. Science, education, enlightenment, public discussion, written reflection is all the ways of adaptation of the ancient brain to the realities of the modern world which are in contradiction with our intuitive (and probably genetically programmed) analytical algorithms. An educated person is a person, and understands the world. The uneducated need not peace but a myth.

Here is a simple example of the sphere, around which today is particularly highly fluttered the banners of the soldiers of Russian spirituality, in opposition to Western expansion: from the life of flooring.

Intuitive, “gut”, we understand that only two sexes — men and women. It seems indisputable, because women give birth to children from men, and so a quarter of a million years. Therefore, Russian guardian foundations wags his finger at his temple, knowing that in the UK legalized dual motherhood (the second is considered the legal mother of donor mitochondrial DNA). Russian guardian hoot to learn that in Germany there was a count for the third floor (because there are those who are genetically neither male nor female — for example, the sole owners of the X chromosome, and in Germany more than 100 thousand people, and in Russia, probably around 200 thousand). Unenlightened Russian yelling about “Garou”, knowing that in another country has allowed gay marriage (and often screams to not admit their own desires).

And in fact in the West all this is because new knowledge has replaced the concept of gender more complex concept of gender. “Sex” — determination of the structure of the body. “Gender” points of identification more. Physiology — this time. Genetics — two. Sexual orientation — three. The degree of acceptance of their physiology — four. The choice of social roles — five. Permutations — the darkness, besides some features nbinary, plastic and can, over time, proved in the early 1950s Alfred Kinsey, thereby causing a revolution in ideas about sex life. But where in Russia about the famous Kinsey scale to know if in Russian it is not translated?

Today in the West are tens of thousands of gender studies, about gender written hundreds of popular and scientific books — but Russia still lives by this. We, like ostriches, hiding from knowledge about themselves as well as suburban punks, call them names and fouling of honors. Although, the idea is that the complexity, variability, the incredible diversity of the world and of life should excite and impress a reasonable person.

I’m here, of course, on the side samoposluga of mind of the West. I was disgusted by attempts to give the denseness of God’s chosen people. The situation with education in Russia today is in some ways even worse than in the USSR, where four TV channels and one was called “the Russian universities” and was designed to and in a remote province could see lectures Kapitsa.

But what Kapitsa in Russia today?! On what channel did you last see a scientist?! Who and what Russian talk show will invite reproductive biologist, cognitive psychologist, the psycholinguist?! Such a program was coming in the morning “School for scandal”, but she’s four years as closed. We all slip deeper into a dull, angry mycause the archaic, punch strata of civilization in the opposite direction, from complex to primitive, to the roots and the soil, and the joy of conceited fools are at the heart of the hero image of perfect troglodyte Danila Bagrov.

Homo sapiens can be proud that they were able to sharpen their ancient, limited cognitive capabilities of the brain for solving the incredible complexity of the task by creating something that distinguishes him from the animal — a complex, dynamic, incredibly rich culture.

Be proud of the destruction of complexity — thank you. Record, repeat, agents and traitors.



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