Hysterical foaming at the mouth: WADA threatens to strike Russia “a fatal blow”


Истерика с пеной у рта: WADA грозит нанести России "смертельный удар"

After the Russian leadership has announced its intention to reformat the work of the world anti-doping Agency, which unfairly blames our country that here at the state level allowed the use of doping athletes, the WADA officials are not seriously angry.

As informs Agency France-Press (AFP), the leaders of the anti-doping structures are going to “strike back” on Russian intentions. They said that Russia is a country of doping, which is still allegedly did not correct “your mistakes”. According to Maggie Durand, the official representative of WADA, the Agency itself is absolutely “transparent and objective structure” and its supposedly nothing to accuse Russian athletes and IOC members. Although, of course, believe that the World anti-doping Agency in a “transparent” organization, it is very difficult.

It is surprising that until now, after Russia has been provided by the hard facts of subjective claims to the journalist, officials of global companies so nothing was taken. Moreover, he was deeply still, to put it mildly, that athletes from other countries were more often caught using banned drugs, and that foreign “professionals” and is sick almost all counts.

The Russian sportsmen who can boast of perfect health, and was under the scope of WADA.

And now literally the head of the world anti-doping Agency and threatened the Russian representatives of the IOC, which require court proceedings to ban the national team of Russia before the Olympics in Rio.

According to Durand, if Russia “will continue in the same manipulative spirit, she can remain without the world championship in athletics in London.” But the retreat of the Russian athletes and the authorities nowhere. There is only one way out – to finally convince the World anti-doping Agency, in the future, don’t do it to accuse the “clean” athletes in the dirty methods of fighting.


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