Hurricane in the Netherlands: cancelled more than two hundred flights


Ураган в Нидерландах: отменены более двухсот авиарейсовStorm is raging in several European countries.

KLM for a strong wind in the Netherlands was canceled more than two hundred flights. For the same reason the mass cancel flights in the United States. This publication reports the Volkskrant.

It is reported that weather conditions in the country worsened on Thursday night. Strong wind gusts which reach 130 kilometers per hour, accompanied by rain and sometimes snow.

A strong wind led to a number of accidents on the roads. In particular, in social networks circulate photos showing how the trucks literally blows off the road by the wind.

Due to weather conditions, the transport of the Netherlands is intermittent. In particular, the railroad reduced the number of trains they run with a long interval.

Schiphol international airport the day before issued a warning to the passengers, and recommended to monitor the status of their flights on the website. KLM as a measure of restraint is canceled 220 flights.


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