Hungary seriously sights in Transcarpathia


Венгрия всерьез нацелилась на Закарпатье

Hungarian-Ukrainian crisis is rapidly gaining momentum. On the eve of the Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary Zsolt Semjen said that ethnic Hungarians abroad have the right to autonomy and Hungarian citizenship.

The day before the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has promised to continue to block Ukraine’s rapprochement with the European Union and NATO because of disagreements with the Ukrainian side about the forced assimilation of Hungarians living in Ukraine.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Groisman was forced to appeal to President Poroshenko with a request to respond to the situation in Transcarpathian region regarding separatism.+

According to the candidate of historical Sciences, specialist in the history of the Western Russian lands of Gregory Mironov, recent developments indicate that Hungary is seriously hopes to regain control over their lands in Transcarpathia.+


“Hungary is obsessed with the Ukraine. Budapest if the levers of pressure on Kiev, so the Ukrainian politicians are now actively asking the Hungarians to leave their country alone. The Magyars used all its international influence to make the Ukrainian government now more particularly did not cooperate with the EU and NATO.+

Viktor Orban (Prime Minister of Hungary – ed.) even said that he regrets that his country would not block the visa-free regime with Ukraine. There are voices to abolish free entry between the two countries,” — said Mironov.+

According to him, the Ukrainian-Hungarian diplomatic conflict in “nezalezhnoy” there’s only one way out – to give the Hungarians in Transcarpathia own national district, what they’re asking for a long time.

“Only then Hungary will calm down and there will be more to remember about this problem. But this will not make the Ukrainian authorities are nationalists who occupy high state posts. On the contrary, Ukraine is an escalation of the conflict. The Nazis in the Hungarian localities do not interfere with tearing Hungarian flags, block Consulate of Hungary in the Carpathian region”, — said the expert.

“Ukraine’s policy aimed at turning the country into mono-ethnic state, where other nationalities will be severely ukrainised or squeezed out of the area. And since Hungarians of Transcarpathia became isolated in the community, look to their historical homeland, there is no doubt that they are waiting for turbulent times”, he added.+

According to the historian, Budapest is developing several options for further action to protect their compatriots from Bandera.+

“The citizens of Hungary about any good-neighbourly relations with Ukraine do not want to hear. This conflict has a historical aspect. The Magyars are still not satisfied with the results of the First and Second world war.+

There we still think the whole Transcarpathian region their territory. The political sentiments force the Hungarian authorities to act,” said the source.+

“More and more Hungarian society of supporters of rapprochement with Russia, including for struggle against the Ukrainian state with Nazism. More and more people there understand that the further existence of a nationalist Ukraine, nothing good Hungarians were not waiting, and it will be even worse.+

Therefore, Budapest is waiting for a new political crisis in Ukraine to try to pick up Hungarian-populated areas under their control”, stated Mironov.


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