Hundreds of Novosibirsk in the shopping center “MEGA” lined up for free food


Сотни новосибирцев в ТЦ "МЕГА" выстроились в очередь за бесплатной едой

In the shopping center “MEGA” earned the network point “МясоRoob”. Arranged owners action caused pandemonium lovers treats.

The essence of the action “Batcher” was, they just promised in the first day to give the first 1000 burgers for free.

To treat fans rolls with meatballs began to gather ahead of time. At the beginning of the campaign (17:00) the queue was already at least 200 people.

The efforts of the security guards of TC discordant column, which already stretches to the middle of the passage leading to the “Auchan” hypermarket, managed to squeeze in a relatively compact crowd, the people in which stood a thick snake.

The specifics of the format “Batcher” assumes that each Burger is made to order, and even in the empty place it will have to wait at least 7-10 minutes. Thus, we can assume that those who got in line early enough, I had to spend more than an hour.

Regular visitors of the shopping center looked at the resulting pandemonium with a slight bewilderment. Employee network “Dobryanka”, whose office is located just opposite, looking at what is happening, sadly remarked to his colleague: “See what people greed, it does”.

Queue “MEGA”, however, this hour was not only for the free treats. Wait for your turn to order and had the clients expensive fast food here in the food court.

Share “Batcher” can be considered the most generous in recent years. Usually the network is limited to significant discounts and still earn high sales. But even for the money the city’s residents are ready to line up in a long queue. So, for example, happened when the network is New York Pizza opened a school on the street Elective and day there are traded pizzas for 99 rubles.


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