Hubble looked into the history of the formation of the Universe


Хаббл заглянул в историю формирования ВселеннойNew images shed light on history of galaxy formation.

New images of the Hubble telescope have shed light on history of galaxy formation 10 billion years ago..

New observations have shown how closely linked the rate of star formation in young galaxies and the total stellar mass. Was also possible to measure the first of an unknown number svodoobrazuyuschih gas in different points in time, allowing to look into the “Golden age” of the formation of galaxies about 10 billion years ago.

Researchers using the ALMA telescope was able to obtain data on how the Universe came galaxy with an abundance of carbon monoxide. In addition, they failed to register the faint glow of gas clouds and emission of the radiation of the warm dust in galaxies of the early Universe.

“The new results imply a rapid increase in the gas content in galaxies,” says Manuel Aravena from the University Diego portales in Chile. “This increase in the content of gas, most likely, was the main reason for a noticeable increase in the speed of star formation during the peak epoch of galaxy formation, that is, about 10 billion years ago.”


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