Huawei Mate 30 Pro get matrix camera


New trademark indicates that the new flagship smartphone Huawei equipped cinema lenses for high-quality video.

In October 2019, Huawei will present its new flagship smartphone. Mate Mate 30 and 30 Pro will probably get a fairly wide mark. The edge of the screen will be further minimized, and the back has Quad-core camera – exactly the same as the P30 Pro, released earlier this year . However, the new brand indicates that the Chinese manufacturer intends to integrate the new lens, according to the with reference to

Lens cameras Huawei and camera matrix

17 July 2019, the company Huawei Technologies has filed two applications for trademarks in EUIPO (intellectual property Office of the European Union) for the name Cine-Lens and Camera Matrix. The applications were filed by the company from the Forresters Munich, Germany. The company often trades on behalf of Huawei, as the same company has recorded the name of Huawei Harmony last week.

App for Huawei Cine-Lens refers to 9-th class. The description is as follows; filming; optical lenses for recording, reproducing and processing sound, images and / or data; smart phones; camcorders; camera. ” In the matrix of camera given the following description; optical lenses; cameras; smartphones.

Most likely, both applications involve a series of Huawei Mate 30. These high-end smartphones are expected in October 2019, after which the launch will take place in November. Mate model 30 5G is also expected that the device will debut in December.

Application for the Cine lens is the most striking. Finally, Huawei has integrated matrix camera in a series of Mate 20 last year. It seems that relates to cinema lenses cinema lenses, unlike conventional lenses, the lenses specifically designed for videography.

In addition to the fantastic quality of the video these fast lenses are also usually unable to record continuous movement. However, this also cinema lenses is many times more expensive than the camera lens. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost, it is possible that the modified photographic lens, which is optimized for video recording.

Leica are one of the manufacturers of cameras, which has a range of cinema lenses. As both companies some time worked together on the flagship aircraft Huawei, it is likely that Leica will offer lenses for the series Mate 30. It is possible that only 30 Huawei Mate Pro will be equipped with cinema lenses, and finally the Pro model is usually equipped with very good camera features in comparison with the standard model.

Some time ago, from Huawei Mate 30 Pro leaked render. This device probably has quadruple the camera. This time, however, the Chinese manufacturer seems to choose not to install a square (as in a series of Mate 20), and a more rounded design. The lens itself remain in a matrix arrangement with respect to each other. It is still unclear which lenses will device.

If Huawei really will add a cinema lens, it will probably be no other lens, which lens is still unknown. Huawei P30 Pro was the first smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer with a 5x optical zoom. This mobile phone is equipped with a wide-angle camera 40 megapixel high zoom camera 20 megapixel, telephoto 8 megapixels and 3D-ToF camera.


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