Huawei is testing the OS on Fuchsia smartphone Honor Play


Huawei тестирует ОС Fuchsia на смартфоне Honor PlayIn January 2018, Google published code Fuchsia OS.

As a test stand for OS Fuchsia, the new Google operating system for all kinds of devices will use the model Honor Play on the Kirin processor 970.

In one of the comments to the code indicate that the engineer was able to upload the core of the Zircon.

Engineers with Huawei last year to participate in the development of Fuchsia, but testing your code on real devices still out of the question. At the moment the challenge is to achieve stable operating system in conjunction with the mobile platform Kirin 970, starting with Honor Play.

Thus, Huawei Honor Play – the first consumer Android device that will be tested at the Fuchsia, and Huawei is the first company outside of Google, which is so massive is working on a new project with open source.

Honor Play latest games Huawei phone, it is one of the many phones that the company released a processor Kirin 970. Because gadgets have a common base, some of these other devices may also be compatible with Fuchsia in the future. Among these smartphones: Huawei Mate 10, 10 Pro, Huawei Mate, Huawei P20, P20 Huawei Pro and some others.

Unfortunately, due to political problems, many of these devices, including Honor Play is not available for sale in the United States, and that can cause some problems when testing the new OS.

Add Fuchsia is an operating system real-time (RTOS), developed by Google. It was first discovered on GitHub in August 2016, before any official announcements from Google. Unlike previous Google developed operating systems such as Chrome OS and Android are based on Linux kernel, Fuchsia is based on the new microkernel, called Zircon.

The work Fuchsia to universal devices, from embedded systems to smartphones, tablets and personal computers. In January 2018, Google published code Fuchsia OS. The system became available for installation and start-up.


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