Huawei has created an alternative to Android and Windows


OpenEuler based on the Linux distribution called CentOS.

A trade war between the US and Huawei has forced Chinese companies to look for a replacement Android, the license of which was revoked by Google. In the summer of 2019 mobile giant from China has introduced Harmony OS – the concept of a universal operating system for mobile devices, including smartphones, TVs and even wearable electronics. On the weekend unexpectedly Huawei has introduced another OS – openEuler, reports the with reference for Today.

The project openEuler is a second attempt to abandon the Android ecosystem, and Windows by introducing its own independent development. The new operating system open source is based on a popular Linux distribution called CentOS. In fact, it is an open variation of the commercial distribution EulerOS, also developed by Huawei Technologies on the basis of CentOS.

Huawei has been able to adapt openEuler under architecture ARM64, and X86, which means it can work on smartphones and tablets, laptops, desktops, and even servers. The company has already published a draft openEuler on Gitee – the Chinese alternative to GitHub.

Used in the distribution methods of protection are certified by the Ministry of public security of the PRC. In addition, EulerOS included in the list of the six OS certified by the Opengroup Committee for compliance with the UNIX 03 standard, that is, having the right to be called UNIX, not just UNIX-like systems. In addition EulerOS the list includes macOS, Solaris, Inspur K-UX, HP-UX and IBM AIX.

Despite the fact that the project is at an early stage of development (its launch was carried out from 17 September 2019), he, according Gitee, more than 50 developers and about 600 commits. The repository presented over a thousand packages.

It is worth noting that at this point in the project repositories, there was no documentation in languages other than Chinese. Wishing to establish openEulear yourself you can use an. ISO file (3.2 GB), but all the documentation is available in Chinese only.


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