Huawei and Audi will work on your own car


Huawei и Audi будут работать над собственным автомобилемThis will be the first connected car.

Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment Huawei and auto giant Audi has announced the expansion of cooperation in the field of the connected car (Connected Car).

The peculiarity of these machines is that their systems are in constant communication with other vehicles and road infrastructure.

Collaboration for the creation of training programs that will help to improve the skills of technical specialists in the field of intelligent driving and digital transformation services. In addition, the partners are going to invest in research and search for new technological solutions.

For connected cars need a stable communication channels, providing high throughput. Audi became the first foreign automaker that participated in the testing of standard mobile LTE-V on the roads of General use in China. This technology allows drivers to receive information about the traffic situation and traffic in real time through connection to the system of traffic lights and CCTV at intersections.

Huawei and Audi are cooperating in the field of intelligent connected vehicles for several years. The company initiated the establishment of interbranch organizations 5GAA and conducted several joint tests in Germany, Spain and China.


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