HSE: in the last 20 years, Russia has increased the number of poor families with many children


ВШЭ: за последние 20 лет в России увеличилось число бедных многодетных семей

Over the past 20 years, Russia has increased the number of poor families with many children, according to a study by the Higher school of Economics “Bulletin of the Russian monitoring of economic situation and population health, HSE (RLMS-HSE)”.

In 1994, the poorest treated 9% of households without children was 17.7% — with one child, 27.1 per cent with two children and 43.7% of those with three or more children, by 2015, the proportion of large families among the poor rose to 50.5%, families with two children to 35.6% of families with one child to 19%.

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Over the past 20 years the percentage of households that have minor children decreased by almost 15% to 32.4%. Respectively, decreased the proportion of children who live with both parents — 80% to 74%. And the percentage of children living with one parent, in contrast, increased to 21.7%.

The assessment of the health of parents and children for 20 years. Improved self-assessment of your state of teenagers, as well as objective data on morbidity. In 1994, only 55.5% of children’s health was assessed as “good to very good” by 2015 such was 75.4 per cent.

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