HP has circulated series notebooks Pavilion x360


HP has introduced an updated series notebooks Pavilion x360, endowed with a more modern hardware platform, and even a slightly modified design. Two of the main features of the laptops of this series have not gone away – they still are cheap and have a swivel touch screen.

Currently, the Pavilion x360 series models in 14 and 15.6-inch priced from 500 and 580 dollars respectively. The screen frame has halved from 13 to 7 mm, and on the top cover there is an additional camera. Both laptop built on Intel Core processors eighth-generation, or Core i5, or Core i7 Kaby Lake Refresh with four cores inside.

The basic version of the Pavilion x360 14 is equipped with a matrix TN in HD resolution, 8 GB of RAM and hard drive at 500 GB, but the matrix can be changed to IPS Full HD, HDD – speed SSD up to 128 GB, although the price will rise to 730 USD. The same features apply 15 Pavilion x360. High-end versions of laptops have a discrete graphics card GeForce or AMD Radeon MX130 530 to choose from, a backlit keyboard and speakers from B&O. the Start of sales of laptops will take place before the end of this spring.


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