HP Chromebook x2 has become the world’s first chromacom with a detachable keyboard


HP announced new mobile Chromebooks x2, which, as it turned out, as at April 2018 no analogue. What makes it unique is the fact that it belongs to the family chromebook and it includes a removable hardware keyboard.

In other words, HP Chromebook x2 is a convertible based on the platform, Google Chrome OS, which itself is built on the same browser and has a number of limitations. In fact, this mobile PC is a kind of competitor to the new Apple iPad in 2018, is designed primarily for students and has the support of Apple Pencil. But if the Apple tablet is sold separately from the stylus, HP Chromebook x2 comes with HP Active stylus Pen, for which there is a special mount.

He chromebook worth $ 600, and it was a lot for a device without Windows or at least Linux. Price includes 4 or 8 GB of RAM the old standard LPDDR3, Intel Core m3, two ports USB, input under earphones and battery for 10 hours of battery life. Also HP Chromebook x2 has 32 GB of ROM and a large screen on 12.3 inch high resolution support 2400х1600 pixels, so it is comfortable to draw. The start of sales of the new grombala scheduled for June of this year.


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