How useful is walking barefoot and in what conditions it is best to practice


Чем полезна ходьба босиком и в каких условиях лучше всего практиковать

Each step barefoot – an extra minute of life, the ancients used to think. For Socrates, walking without shoes is a kind of gymnastics for the mind. Doctors have proved, the foot – the most powerful reflex area of the human body, in one square centimeter of its surface is ten times more receptors than any other part of the skin. Walking barefoot — what do you think about this modern experts? Conveys A Secular Outlook.

Walking barefoot – why is it useful and what helps?

From domestic and foreign doctors, there is no consensus regarding the benefits of walking barefoot. Some believe that this is a direct way to catch a cold, others claim bosonogaja – panacea from many diseases, including chronic.

Walking barefoot, not only brings pleasure, but also gives a powerful impetus to strengthen the immune system. In the process of life the human body produces positive charges, which are oxidized and break the integrity of the shell cells. This is often the cause of pathological changes. The surface of the Earth maintains a negative electrical charge, neutralizing the negative impact of the accumulated in the body positive particles. It is the strongest antioxidant in the world.

In our days the sole of the Shoe is made of polymer, and insulating the flow of energy. Direct contact of the feet with the ground gives you a protective “umbrella” against magnetic fields, in which every minute is a modern man. You are grounded and the electric potential is equalized.

It is considered a proven positive effect on such issues:

  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • hypertension;
  • insomnia;
  • stress;
  • a weak immune system;
  • abnormal heart rhythm.

With barefoot walking starts hardening. The reduction in stress levels occurs after 30-40 minutes of walking barefoot. Walking without Slippers at home allows the foot to relax and “breathe.” Particularly important this procedure is for women who on the whole day wearing high heels. Restore normal circulation and to unload the spine is forced to compensate extremely important.

Give your feet a break from shoes it is helpful to men, especially in the summer. Forced to walk in closed shoes, they are often faced with an unpleasant odor. Heat and moisture contribute to the development of nail fungus.

The benefits of walking barefoot for children

Walking barefoot is the most affordable method of improving the health of our kids. It is the first step of hardening, a rough surface stimulates acupressure points, becomes a powerful prevention of flatfoot, heat removes heat from the calf with another imperfect system of thermoregulation. Best for children’s feet, fit, sand, lawn grass, artificial turf, flooring. Releasing the kid to run Bosikom, ensure the security of its path – the lack of debris, large stones, metal shavings.

Regular walking bare feet for the purpose of hardening it is better to start metered in the summer. Best time is in the morning when doing exercises. Ten minutes for the first time will be enough.

Stimulation of active points on the foot, as well as the development of fine motor skills when your young researcher assembles a mosaic or stringing beads, contributes to the rapid development of the vocal apparatus.

Why kids used to go barefoot?


  • Walking on uneven surfaces helps to improve coordination and improve posture.
  • To overcome the small legs large distances on sand is difficult, it requires tension of the muscles and ligaments, which strengthens the muscles.
  • Teaches care. The child is looking where he’s stepping.
  • Stimulates active points, responsible for the operation of organs and systems.
  • Relaxes the muscles of the legs.
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    Aided by walking barefoot on uneven surfaces?

    Walking on uneven surfaces barefoot is useful not only for physical but also for mental health. This is a natural foot massage. Stimulation of the receptors directs energy flow in their natural direction, and in the brain receives enough oxygen. Reflex effect on the muscles of the foot improves blood circulation and normalizes the work of cardiovascular system. Walking on the grass, fine gravel beach, sand, carpet improves blood circulation and lymph flow in the limbs, gives a pleasant feeling and relaxes.

    Walking barefoot in the city has long been a rarity in Europe. There they found a special term – barefooting. In the squares of many European capitals you can watch the barefoot people, and many of them far from young. British tourists even went to the extreme trip, barefoot in the United States.

    Walking barefoot in the snow – to whom is it useful?

    Fans walking through the snow procedure is called “temperature of happiness is below zero.” They say that this is akin to contrasting soul or douche of cold water. At first, you pushed yourself, and soon you realize it is fun.

    Method of restoring health became popular in Europe due to surgeon Patricia Wolfski working with athletes-Olympians. When you stomp on the ice, loose snow, nipping heels, it takes the pain out of tired muscles, people suffering from osteochondrosis, stabiliziruemost condition, there is a rapid recovery after injuries of locomotor apparatus.

    Scientists from the University of Toronto proved the influence of low temperatures on the receptors of the foot gives a powerful impetus to develop hormones of happiness – endorphins and serotonin.

    The Japanese have discovered another amazing fact of the influence of low temperatures. Stress caused by cold, stimulates the release of adrenal hormones – steroids that long and successfully to treat arthritis. The body itself can cope with joint inflammation. Thus, walking barefoot in the snow solves two problems at once – reduces inflammation and stops the pain.

    Start to join the possibility without extensive training. Before you step foot in snow bare foot to warm-up (no alcohol, and a small series of physical exercises). Don’t just stand there, actively move. Duration at the initial stage should not exceed 2 minutes. RUB the feet with a towel, wipe dry and wear warm socks.

    Is it possible to adults walk barefoot on the earth?

    Modern man is so removed from nature that weakly imagine what a pleasure it is to walk early in the morning dew or jog along the sun-baked path. Walking barefoot is also a natural and important as clean water and sunlight. Is an environmental health strategy against chronic stress, which affects the hardworking people, poor sleep and chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Do not miss the opportunity to walk barefoot at least 20-30 minutes at the weekend – at the cottage, the beach, in the city Park. Unity with nature is always beneficial for mood and physical condition.

    The thermoreceptors located on the foot are directly connected with the mucosa of the nasopharynx. The ability to adapt the temperature to decrease is called self-regulation. The better trained the system, the greater its margin of safety. You will forget about colds.

    Walking barefoot can safely make a list of the most useful to man of action.

    Is there any harm from walking barefoot, to whom it is contraindicated?

    The skin of the foot of modern man is quite thin and delicate, easily hurt. Even if you practice regular walking without shoes, sole will not become rough enough to resist injury. In violation of the integrity of the skin, a high probability of contact with pathogens causing inflammation.

    On cold or hot surfaces going without shoes is contraindicated in diseases of the pelvic organs. Gout and rheumatism it should be done with caution.

    Completely flat, smooth surface modern floor coverings – laminate, linoleum, thin carpet dangerous for people predisposed to flat feet. Natural bend of the arch of the foot decreases, which can lead to back pain, fatigue when walking. But this does not mean that the apartment can not create the correct surface. Buy a massage Mat or sprinkle into a bowl of small stones and trample them 10-15 minutes a day.

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