How to whiten teeth without a visit to the dentist: proven tools


Как отбелить зубы без визита к стоматологу: проверенные средства11 easy ways to whiten teeth at home.

Each of us wants to have a beautiful smile. White teeth are not all nature, and all sorts of factors, such as Smoking, alcohol, fizzy drinks and other unhealthy food, do not benefit in this regard.

Therefore, many people wonder whether it is possible to whiten your teeth at home.

In this article you will learn 11 easy ways to do it.

Method # 1: cleaning with baking soda

This method knows, probably, everyone, because it is transmitted from generation to generation for more than a century. It is useful to keep a jar of baking soda in the bathroom and replace if necessary toothpaste this substance, which copes with the task to whiten teeth. By the way, it is already included in many toothpastes because it is the most effective natural bleach.

How to use baking soda: you must mix a quarter teaspoon of baking soda with water. After that, just dunk her toothbrush and brushing therefore teeth. Also you can add baking soda tooth powder.

Method # 2: eat apples and strawberries

The most effective way to clean your teeth are apples. If the hand is not a toothbrush, it is better to eat an Apple that will help to bring the teeth to a perfect Shine and cleanliness. And if the apples all clear, why in this list are described and strawberries, you ask. Because its hard to wash off from clothing, and unless the teeth will be whiter from her? It turns out that you can use to whiten your teeth. For this you just need to eat the strawberries, but do not leave it on the teeth, otherwise the acid in its composition will harm tooth enamel.

Method # 3: include in the diet of the “white dishes”

A great way to whiten teeth is to stop eating harmful foods to include in diet foods that are characterized by white color. It’s rice, chicken, fish, some seafood. The fact that the colored products are able to stain teeth, but white will help whitening. The most harmful are red wine, blueberries, carrots, beets, coffee, black tea, balsamic vinegar. Such drinks are best to drink through a straw so they don’t have stained teeth.

Method # 4: gargling salt water

Salt water is very useful for the gums, taking care of them. You can also use it as a whitener. To do this, mix a teaspoon of salt in glass of warm boiled water, cooling it, and then rinse. Gradually, the smile will become whiter.

Method # 5: using an electric brush

According to statistics, the electric toothbrush removes 70% more plaque. The thing is that it cleans correctly, scraping all the plaque from the tooth surface. Manual brush you will not achieve a similar effect.

Method # 6: eat hard cheese

Cheese has unique properties – teeth whitening. To remove the excess and saturate the teeth in calcium it is capable off. Because of the large amount of calcium people also recommend drinking milk.

Method # 7: gargle with coconut oil

The residue of food can be removed with a rinse of coconut oil. You simply take one tablespoon of oil and rinse their mouths. Oil is able to protect enamel from staining, adhesion of small colored particles of food. In addition, it perfectly removes bacteria and germs from your gums and teeth.

Method # 8: eat popcorn

Oddly enough, but this product will also help to whiten teeth. The fact that his rough edges, he’s cleans the teeth. But the truth is, you can’t eat sweet popcorn, if you want to achieve a positive effect. In addition, after eating this dish it is necessary to carefully rinse the teeth.

Method # 9: tongue cleaning

You ask, what’s teeth whitening? Between cleaning the teeth and to whiten your teeth, there is a direct relationship. The fact that the language remain bacteria, food residues, pigments, elements which are then moved to the teeth. Therefore, together with the teeth, it is necessary to clean and language.

Method # 10: chewing gum

Is to chew gum after eating to remove excess debris, to stimulate saliva, neutralize the acid after meals. The less acid, the cleaner the teeth. So use the gum. But pay attention to the fact that it was sugar-free. Chew it should be no more than 10-15 minutes.

Method # 11: use dental floss

Quite often people remember the teeth, but forget about the space between them. Because of the leftover food spoils the quality of the teeth, making them darker. So use dental floss to bleach the teeth and make them more perfect.


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