How to use regular spoons to check their health


Как с помощью обычной ложки проверить свое здоровье

How to use regular spoons to check their health and see whether to go to the doctor. It is not always possible to have the diagnostics or do a full examination of the body. Then comes to the aid of a simple tool, the result of which is stunning. The procedure will need a normal spoon, which will be in any house.

How to use a regular spoon to check condition, manual

Как с помощью обычной ложки проверить свое здоровьеIf you take an ordinary spoon, which is a typical first dish and make it in language, from the base to the tip, it is easy to see how many people are healthy. The very teaspoon is recommended to moisten with saliva. When simple manipulation will be done, then the spoon itself must be placed in a transparent plastic bag. Now this package should be put under the direct rays of the sun or a bright light bulb.

After 1 minute the result will be ready. Ideal — clean spoon odor. This is an indication that the person who made such diagnosis, is completely healthy. To understand that there are problems with the respiratory system or digestion can the presence of putrid smell from the spoon. One of the signs of the presence or development of diabetes sweet smell. About diseases of the kidneys says sharp and unpleasant smell of ammonia coming from a spoon.

As the color streaks on an ordinary spoon to determine health status

Как с помощью обычной ложки проверить свое здоровьеIf the spoon stains of milk, white or yellow shade then it is about the irregularities in the functioning of the thyroid gland. The layer of plaque in such a situation is quite thick. When a person is sick aspiratory disease, the color of divorces just as well be white. For those who are suffering from kidney problems, plaque is different in orange.

With poor circulation, bronchitis and too high level of cholesterol in the body — the place has a purple patina on the spoon. Each of these options is considered a Wake-up call and requires more detailed study. After such a test at home and noticing stains of any color and odor, it is advisable to postpone the visit to the doctor.

The specialist will prescribe all the necessary tests will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and only after that will select the appropriate treatment, if needed. To self-medicate by results of check the state of health of the spoon is not worth it. Such a method is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for serious research, which is possible only in the walls of the hospital. To put myself the diagnosis of dangerous and uncontrolled intake of drugs is fraught with all sorts of negative consequences.


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