How to remove scratches from a phone screen


Remember your phone on the first day? New, without a scratch and marks on screen or body. The video looked much crisper, the smartphone was nicer to hold in hands.

According to statistics, the first damage on the phone appear after a month of usage, unless of course to do this, the owner did not manage to break the screen. After 3-4 weeks there is a desire to Polish the phone and return to the previous screen freshness. In this case, it is not enough just to install a new film or safety glass. Required drastic measures, including buying new display. gathered for you eight experiments on the recovery screen. To use or not at your discretion. But I want to warn owners of expensive gadgets: if you are not sure – avoid experiments. Awkward inexperience could easily be the cause of deep and serious grooves on the sensor. Perhaps in your case it is easier to get used to the small scratch than to try to bring them into the home.

The tools that you need to remove scratches on glass:
• tooth powder (or toothpaste);
•    baby powder;
•    baking soda;
•    vegetable oil;
• To remove scratches from car body;
•    sandpaper;
• furniture Polish;
• pasta GOI;
• a piece of suede fabric;
• a tool for polishing the touch screens.

Importantly! Before starting work with cleaning agents and other household chemicals, make sure that the connectors and speakers protected. In advance, seal the hole with masking tape. This will be enough to prevent the ingress of moisture and chemicals in the body.

Experiment No. 1 “Scrub scratch tooth powder»
This is the most popular method of removing damage from the covers of phones and screens. All because of its relative ease of execution. The working scheme is as follows: apply to affected areas of the phone toothbrush, preferably a thin layer. If you take the powder, pre-dilute it in water. It is important to RUB the solution only into the scratch in a circular motion and then wait for the complete drying of the surface. Remove the paste with wet cotton disc. Of course, for advanced cases the result will not be too noticeable, but for the lung damage.

Experiment No. 2 “get Rid of the scuffs with baking soda or powder»
Dilute with soda or powder in water until a thick porridge. With the help of a cotton pad gently move in a circular motion the solution on the phone. After drying, remove slurry with a wet rag.

Experiment No. 3 “Return the Shine with vegetable oil»
This option is rather for those who want to give the phone a “trademark” look. Oil for some time, fills in scratches, then dries out and fading back in place. Of the benefits – extra Shine.

Experiment No. 4 “the Restoration of special household cleaning products»
You can use cheap Polish. The principle of operation as with tooth powder, there is not only remove remnants of the solution. Use a soft cloth. Scuffs will disappear if you perform the procedure regularly and use the method of “circular motions”.

Experiment # 5 – “Risk and sandpaper»
The method of praising the owners of the blogs about phones, but exactly the same and negative reviews left by the users of the network. It is better to go to that extreme, if something happened – you won’t be too upset. Use sandpaper with a slightly abrasive coating, otherwise the result will be intimidating.

Experiment No. 6 the “good Old pasta GOI»

Standard Polish has come from the USSR, in principle, nothing wrong with the phone, not will, but good too. This abrasive material can be used to eliminate the scratches with touch-screens. Structure of the Polish is thick but it only enough for minor damage.

Experiment No. 7 “Polished screen special tool»
In my experience I can say that specialized tools can best help to cope with scratches and superficial damage. Polishing solutions for sensors designed for continuous use – that is, after the first polishing is unlikely that anything will change, but if you do such sweeps regularly, the result will be noticeable.

Experiment No. 8 “Wipe scratch suede fabric»

Perhaps of all the methods this can be called the weakest. We Ter long enough, trying to remove even the smallest of scuffs, but the result was not achieved.

What method’s right for you?

Anyway, a while ago not to return, as well as to make a new phone like the first day of purchase. To be honest, we have not discovered an ingenious method of getting rid of scratches. They either can harm panels, or will not give a very noticeable result. Especially hard ways to remove the scratches we didn’t try, but they recommend testing them just for old and unwanted smartphones.

The only solution is the regular use of a special Polish for touch screens. And of course, try to carefully handle the phone – use protective panels, glass, film and pouches. Even if scratches have already appeared on the surfaces additional protection does not give them much to grow on the body.


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