How to recognize pneumonia and what to do before the arrival of the doctor


Как распознать пневмонию и что делать до приезда врачаDoctors called the first symptoms of pneumonia, which should make you call a doctor to the house.

Not always, but very often transferred to the legs viral diseases culminate in this complication, as pneumonia. But the main causes of pneumonia are infection called Streptococcus, pneumococcus, chlamydia, Mycoplasma. Also at risk of Contracting people with a weakened immune system and those who have chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Pneumonia is transmitted by airborne droplets and the incubation period is only a few days.

The worst thing is that the pneumonia may not be felt for some time. Although, in most cases, the symptoms appear acutely.

The first symptoms of pneumonia that you should pay attention:

– a significant increase in body temperature;

– cough that persist over a long period of time;

– fever, in which the usual antipyretic drugs are not effective;

– lack of air and shortness of breath;

– increased feeling of weakness in the body;

– excessive fatigue.

The appearance of the above symptoms of pneumonia should immediately call a doctor or ambulance if the symptoms disturbed person at night.

Before the arrival of the doctor does not need to swallow pills, as in pneumonia, they may be just useless, especially because in this case it requires antibiotic therapy, and antibiotics without medical advice is dangerous to health.

Rest and drink plenty of liquids is all that you can do before you are examined by a physician.

By the way, doctors often say that an agent provocateur pneumonia is nervous tension and susceptibility to stress loads, which reduced the protective functions of the organism. It is therefore very important to be able to fight stress, to relax and to sleep properly.


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