How to recognize anemia: the main symptoms


Как распознать анемию: основные симптомыDoctors have called all the possible symptoms of low level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Iron deficiency anaemia develops when a lack of iron in the human body. Most often with this disease faced by children and women, especially during pregnancy.

In the first stage of anemia when the hemoglobin level decreased to 110-90 g/l, man observes any changes in your health. The more reduced quantity of hemoglobin, the more pronounced the symptoms.

When indicators 90-70 g/l and below include:

– pallor of the skin;

– chronic fatigue;

– constant drowsiness and even after the person has slept well;

– dizziness;

– fatigue, which severely reduces the efficiency of the person;

headaches, which often appear in the evening;

often the body temperature rises, but not above 37.5 degrees Celsius;

– I am worried about insomnia and sleep is intermittent;

– may have cracks on the skin, especially on the lips and in the corners of the mouth;

– start to lose your hair and nails become brittle and exfoliate;

– deteriorated cognitive ability and memory;

appetite becomes sluggish and therefore people can start to lose weight on the eyes, with nothing special taking;

– the immune system is weakened, due to which people often suffer from viral diseases;

– increased irritability, and sometimes – anemic patient notices that somehow became sentimental and he always feel like crying (in children manifest this symptom more clearly);

– perverted taste preferences.

As we can see, recognize anemia and everyone can, because these symptoms are hard to miss.

Doctors recommend that to avoid iron deficiency anemia to eat right, to enrich the diet with foods that contain iron, more walk in the fresh air, be physically active and at least 2 times a year to hand over the General analysis of blood in order to timely detect any abnormalities in the body.


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