How to rebuild an apartment without scandals


Как перестроить квартиру без скандалов

The desire to adjust the dimensions of the housing, if they for some reason are not satisfied the new owner, quite naturally. But its improper implementation may result in serious penalties, and in some severe cases, in General the selection of the property, if you overlook some important nuances.

What you can and cannot

First of all, it should be clearly understood that the remake is absolutely the whole apartment according to your desire length and breadth will not work in any case. Yes, a single requirements at the Federal level for redevelopment do not exist, but in the Housing code still stipulates some General concepts. Thus, the document explains that is transforming (changing the configuration of the premises, entailing changes in the technical passport), and what falls under the definition of conversion (the installation, relocation or replacement of utilities, electrical, plumbing and other equipment).

In addition, the performance of such work is governed by a number of other regulatory documents. First, it is the GOST R 53778-2010 “Buildings and structures. Rules of examination and monitoring of technical condition”, second —−10 “Sanitary-epidemiological requirements to living conditions in residential buildings and premises”, and thirdly the number of construction rules, including:

*) SP 20.13330.2011 “Loads and impacts”;

*) SP 29.13330.2011 “Floors”;

*) SP 51.13330.2011 “Protection against noise”;

*) SP 54.13330.2011 “residential Buildings”;

*) SP 63.13330.2012 “concrete and reinforced Concrete structures. Basic provisions”;

*) SP 70.13330.2012 “Bearing and enclosing structures”.

Because the Housing code stipulates the need for coordination of alterations with local authorities, will also have to take into account the norms of the regional laws. In particular, in Moscow, the Decree “On the organization of restructuring and (or) redevelopment of residential and non-residential premises in apartment buildings and residential homes.” Plus, in the city still need to take into account the provisions of the Metropolitan building codes MGSN 3.01−01 “Residential building”.

In this case, specify the experts of the company “Metrium Groups”, the owner needs to be aware that not all who came to him in the head options for redevelopment can be realized even when the intention is to strictly comply with all necessary requirements. So, under no circumstances not allowed the deterioration of any neighborhood, nor even its own housing. And how would burning no owner, no responsible person would not give him official permission, to the area of the room in the same “small” was less than 14 “squares.” The dimensions of the bedrooms and common rooms in multi-room apartments below 16 and 10 square meters, there are prohibited options.

So as to carry the food is only permitted in non-residential part of the premises, to merge it with the living room in “odnushke” also will not work. The most that succeed, so this unit kitchenette without dining area and 5 square meters. If the kitchen is supplied with gas, the “good” for its Association with a living space too, no one will, as between these areas shall be a doorway with a tight-fitting door.

In practice, not “fused” with the current legislation and combining cuisine with loggia. Not technically, of course, no strict ban on it does not exist, but in reality the initiator of the redevelopment is still forced to make between these areas of so-called “French window”. Yes, the takeaway in the area of the loggia all parts of a district heating system, as well as similarly connected hot water pipes — another taboo.

How to organize the process

There are owners who begin to redevelop housing, intending to legalize it “later” or even completely to dispense with this procedure. But before you need to go for approval “on the bow” in Supervisory bodies at any time put or to alert the neighbors, or the need to resell or make any other similar actions with real estate. And here you can run into sanctions.

Option # 1 — fine (for Moscow it is 2,5 thousand rubles), if in the process of unauthorized alterations in the General standards of conversion were observed, and load-bearing structural member.

Option # 2 — getting technical confirmation of safety of implemented works, if the load-bearing ceiling and walls were still affected (procedure, of course, not gratuitous).

Option # 3 — return the premises to its original condition, if redevelopment is contrary to the technical specifications (work carried out at the expense of the property owner).

If you act in full accordance with the law, then, re-specify the experts of “Metrium Groups”, you first need to get hold of a floor plan of an apartment building to have a clear idea of where exactly is all the “support”. You must then develop a detailed scheme of redevelopment, providing absolutely everything — from the transfer outlet to intervention in utilities. By the way, when all the planned changes are limited to the transfer plate at the border of the kitchen or dismantling built-in furniture, just one can first to do everything, and then call a Commission of Zhilinspektsii, which will assess the situation and give out signed the act. In all other cases need a more serious preparation.

If you think the owner of the remodeling occurs globally, then you should look for a ready-made solution for any specialized resources. For example, residents of Moscow can visit the relevant section of the website of the state inspection office for housing. In the presented embodiments, there is taken into account the many nuances, including planned and evolving support structures. However, there is selected the option will have to be sold strictly “as is”, and not the fact that it will work. For example, depending on the state of the object the implementation of the project officials can easily deny.

You can also order a redevelopment project to other organizations. If interference with the supporting structure is not assumed, that during its development can take, in principle, any design or architectural firm that is part of appropriate self-regulatory organization. If not to touch them fail, then developing a good should lead the author of the original project at home. But as soon refer to it is not possible, then this role is obliged to take the state unitary enterprise “Moszhilniiproekt”.

After the completion of the project it is necessary to collect the documents. In the capital it, in particular, includes:

*) the application for alterations in the prescribed form;

*) 2 copies of the redevelopment project;

*) 2 copies of the agreement copyright supervision of the project (if available).

All of this must be transported to the nearest multi-function centre (MFC). If not present, the “one window” local zhilinspektsii. To harmonize the law allows from 20 to 35 (for standard projects) days. After this time, the applicant must issue either a permit or a reasoned refusal. The latter is possible only in several cases:

1) the redevelopment project is not consistent with housing legislation;

2) there is against the decision of the court or the technical conclusion of the design organization about the impossibility of redevelopment;

3) a banning (and reasonable) conclusion from the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow, if we are talking about a historic building.

Accordingly, if the above “contra” for redevelopment are not available, with a resolution in the hands you can safely proceed to implement all the planned works and after their completion — to invite to address the acceptance Commission, which will confirm the act of conformity of the project to the agreed project. All that remains is to send a copy of the signed act to the Bureau of technical inventory (BTI) to have issued a new registration certificate object in black lines.


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