How to quickly “remove” belly: expert advice


Как быстро "убрать" живот: советы экспертовPress the swing in this case is ineffective.

The extra inches on the waist – the eternal problem of women with whom one could deal once and for all, and others have had to live with all my life.

Abdominal obesity, increases when it is the stomach, most often develops in those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and eats foods fortified TRANS fats.

The worst thing is that the fat accumulated in the stomach, burned very slowly, unlike other fat layers, for example, on the hands.

To quickly remove belly fat:

– moderate your appetite;

– include in the diet of more fresh fruits and vegetables;

– refrain from anything that may contain TRANS fats;

– from your diet to exclude simple carbohydrates: sweets, butter cakes, sugar and products, which it is;

– drink more water;

– massage the tummy clockwise, so you also stimulate intestinal peristalsis and accelerate the metabolism;

– daily pass at a distance of 10 km and, of course, the faster you will overcome this way, the more effective will burn visceral fat;

– use olive, coconut, peach, almond oils to preserve skin elasticity on the abdomen, which when a sudden weight loss can greatly to SAG and bring her back nothing will help except plastic surgery;

– cardio and aerobic exercise you should always complete strength exercises and stretching is necessary in order to burned more body fat and muscle mass, on the contrary, grew.

Only a comprehensive approach to weight loss can help to gain a flat stomach and tight buttocks and thighs. No other methods work and this is proven already by many people.


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