How to pull fish hook from a finger?


Как вытащить рыболовный крючок из пальца?

The situation when a fisherman catches himself on the hook, comical and is found in many movies. However, it happens in real life. Even seasoned fishermen are not immune from this. What to say about the green newbies that even a rod in his hands can not keep. Seriously, when the hook pierces the finger or other body part that not only is unpleasant, but also dangerous, because it could become infected. Imagine how much on a fishhook of germs and bacteria. I understand why they getting into the blood poses a serious danger? Therefore, even the most advanced fisherman should know how to do in this situation and how to take the hook out of your finger. Consider the materiel.

Get the hook from a finger

Before proceeding to business, cut the line. Of course, it is best to go to the hospital or medical center to provide expert assistance. However, fishing takes place in areas remote from human habitation areas and if medical facilities are far away (1-2 hours, or more), then you have to do everything on their own.

We all know that fishing hook is not just a bent piece of wire. It is equipped with a special Burr on the end of the beard, which, on the one hand, holds the bait and the other fish caught it. When removing this Burr gives a lot of inconvenience, because it clings to the skin.

Как вытащить рыболовный крючок из пальца?

The method of extraction depends on how deeply stuck the hook, so the first thing you need to figure it out. The injury should be watered with hydrogen peroxide, vodka, or any other liquid which contains alcohol to disinfect the surface.

If the hook is stuck deep, it is necessary to get gently and without haste.While it is a bit of a shake in the wound, to find in what position is the beard and what to do for the least resistance. But if you still deeply, then you have to conduct a small operation to pierce the skin, which is painful. After the puncture, pliers or pliers to bite the bit, and remove all remaining parts.

There are times when the hook gets deep into the hand. Then you need to make an incision with a knife (Bessarabov it before the procedure, in extreme cases, heat, flame lighter) on the skin above the beard, so the first thing to get her out.

What not to forget when removing the hook from a finger
Don’t forget about sterilization of all objects, which You are trying to extract a foreign body. Needle, knife, pliers – all of which should be disinfected. As an antiseptic, you can use any liquid containing alcohol that You will only find at hand. And it is not necessary to say that fishing in such liquids is not found. Cologne, vodka, and even wet wipes with alcohol will do. If, however, it so happened that the hand is not well, no, even as a poor antiseptic, then calcined tools on the fire or under the flame of the lighter.

Once You’ve got the hook, you need to treat the wound with a solution with alcohol. You can even use vodka or nettle juice. To the wound from dirt, put on her a simple bandage.

Of course, if You have at hand first aid kits, even with the minimum required, Your life in critical situations will be simplified. Therefore, when collecting, don’t forget to bring along this gear.

How not to get hooked on?
In order to reduce the risk, must adhere to the following rules:

the casting is better to make through itself, having made sure that there are no close people, bushes or trees behind. In the first case, You can catch a friend. And the second sinker with a hook can be thrown away directly in You;
when casting is performed with the hands, should try to release the line as quickly as possible. This will significantly reduce the risk of injury;
if fishing is conducted from boats, you do not need to be in it barefoot. Can heel to step on the hook and drive it in with all his weight. Before to sit down somewhere, watch where You sit. Double boat should not throw a rod through.


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