How to provide first aid for sunburn


How not to harm the skin.

A dermatologist from the University of Alberta Robert Gnucci told what to do in case of sunburn. According to him, to help do not need to use lemon, vegetable oil, dairy products and other traditional remedies. Not only are they not effective, but can harm the health, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

The specialist advised to make a cold compress, applying a wet cloth to the affected area. You also need to apply a moisturizer without fragrance. Even, OTC tool, which is hydrocortisone. Permitted the adoption of ibuprofen, it is recommended to drink plenty of liquids. If one observes the formation of small bubbles, it is necessary to drink an antibiotic, to prevent infection.

When the second crust is formed, and the blisters are very large, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The reason for the visit to the specialist will be and vomiting. If the effects of sunburn short-term, then they can cope at home.

It must be remembered that the risk of sunburn increases if before going to the beach to eat a lot of dill, celery or carrots. In these products the substance contains furocoumarins, which makes the skin more sensitive.


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