How to protect yourself from the effects of seasonal allergies


Как уберечь себя от последствий сезонной аллергии The basic rules of living with allergies

Allergy is not just a set of unpleasant symptoms, but some life threatening. What you need to know for Allergy sufferers to control the disease.

According to statistics, every fifth inhabitant of the world is suffering from a kind of Allergy. This disease has become one of the most quickly distributed among adults and children. Allergy sufferers know firsthand that this disease requires to be constantly “on guard” not to meet with an allergen or in a timely manner to stand up to him. Otherwise the inevitable unpleasant allergic reactions, and in severe cases even death.

Compliance with the recommendations allows people who suffer from allergies, avoid danger to health and life. The rules of life with allergies include diet, special conditions, skin care, and welfare, the use of anti-allergic drugs.

Type of Allergy depends on the substance that is causing an allergic reaction. It can be pollen, food, household, epidermal allergies, allergies to insect stings, medicines or foods industry. In addition, many allergens have “doubles” that can trigger cross-allergies. For example, if a person is allergic to pollen wormwood, it is not excluded that sooner or later he may develop an Allergy to pollen, chamomile, citrus fruits, products made with sunflower seeds, or drugs on the basis of calendula.

So allergies need to adhere to a particular way of life. It is no secret that the most effective way of dealing with this disease is to avoid any contact with the allergen. A visit to the allergist and setting allergodil will help to identify the culprit of your suffering.

Let’s review the basic rules of life with allergies.

Diet allergic

The results of allergological samples will show you what foods you need to eliminate from the diet. Also, don’t forget that allergies are not only these products, but the dishes in which they are kept, and foods with similar protein composition. In particular, if you are allergic to eggs need to be careful with chicken, boiled sausages, pastries. If you are allergic to yogurt the same reaction can be detected in the use of kvass, cheese, dough, etc.

However, a diet is recommended not only to those who suffer from food allergies. The disease can cause honey, chocolate, eggs, spices, oranges, strawberries, nuts. Also, be aware of the probability of cross-Allergy.

To reduce the risk of developing food allergies, it is recommended to exclude from the diet foods with high allergic potential; dishes which irritate the digestive (spicy, fried, smoked, rich broth); products with dyes (marmalade, lemonade, syrups, chewing gum, cakes). You should be careful with unfamiliar dishes, especially exotic.

Skin care

From allergies often develop severe skin reactions to chemicals (dyes, fragrances, household chemicals). Try to avoid contact with them.

The skin of people with allergies are often dry, sensitive, prone to irritation. So the skin problems you need a thorough moisture (4-5 times a day). Taking a bath is recommended in moderately warm, preferably deklarirovanie water, no more than 20 minutes. Choose detergents of high quality and hypoallergenic (with neutral pH).

Before you buy cosmetics, check you have no allergies to this tool. To do this, apply a small amount on the wrist or the elbow. If after 3-4 hours on the testing location was not revealed negative reaction, you can use the tool on other parts of the body.

Allergy-free life

Household allergens (primarily house dust) are the most common factors of allergic reactions. Dust is not only a visible coating on the furniture. She is in the air accumulates inside the different items in the house. Allergen are microscopic molds in the pages of books.

To completely get rid of dust will fail, but it is possible to reduce the danger from it to a minimum. For this you need to do wet cleaning, weekly General cleaning in the apartment. It is desirable that in apartment where there lives have allergies, there was no carpeting, heavy curtains, fluffy toys and other surfaces, which are easy to collect dust. Get rid of your house plants with a strong odor and pollen.

Should buy air purifier. He runs the volume of air in the room and filters out the allergens.

Washing clothes should be particularly careful. You need to be careful with the choice of powder, do not use products to soften linen. After washing is recommended to rinse the clothes several times, changing the water.

In the house where allergies not Pets, birds and even aquarium fish (dry food for them is the strongest allergen). It is also not recommended to plant home flowers.

In apartment where there lives have allergies, can’t smoke.

Allergies and medications

In appointing those or other drugs takes into account the human tendency to allergic reactions. For example, the allergen can be medications or vitamins with a colored shell, means plant-based antibiotics.

For relieving symptoms of allergies, use antihistamines. Allergies, at least once in your life had an anaphylactic reaction should always have medication for its prevention and treatment, as this condition is life threatening. A priority drug in the treatment of anaphylactic reaction is epinephrine (adrenaline). Allergies and his family need to learn the rules of behavior in case of anaphylactic reaction.


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