How to protect yourself from severe old age?


Как уберечься от тяжелой старости?

Any person would like as long as you can stay young and healthy, living a full life.

It turned out that this can be achieved through systematic light fasting and moderate exercise. These methods help to avoid the development of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The experiment was conducted on laboratory rodents experts from the USA who wanted to understand how to prevent the development of age-related disorders.

The study lasted four months, in which mice were divided into several groups. Rodents from one group was subjected to light fasting and a little physical exercise.

It helped to establish that the indicators of the health of the mice from this group were the best. The authors say that such a conclusion was not completely predictable. Now they say that if a person wants to avoid age-related problems, he should think about proper fasting under medical supervision, and also to love sports and do them regularly.


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