How to prevent senile dementia: valuable advice from doctors


Как предупредить старческое слабоумие: ценные советы от медиковDoctors have shared valuable advice with those who do not want old age to suffer from dementia.

Senile dementia develops gradually and is one of the most feared diseases of the nervous system, which will be under attack the human brain and that mental abilities are greatly reduced.

The main instigators of dementia doctors call:

– genetic predisposition;

– vascular disease;

– Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s;

heart attacks, strokes;

– diseases of the endocrine system;

– renal or liver failure;

global disruption of the immune system.

Doctors say that to prevent the development of dementia is possible, but only to start the process of prevention should not be at the first sign of the disease, and for a few decades until retirement age.

According to scientists, since 30 years, and men and women have to undergo annual examination by specialists, to detect certain disease at an early stage of their development, because some of them can cause dementia.

How else can you prevent senile dementia:

– control your weight and prevent high blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood;

– train your brain daily reading of books and crossword puzzles;

– balanced diet;

– avoid hypothermia;

– move more and fresh air to the blood oxygen came;

– regularly screened;

don’t be nervous on trifles and learn to fight stress;

– get enough sleep each night.

Do not leave the symptoms of senile dementia in your loved ones to chance. You should immediately see a doctor, maybe he will tell you how to stop the progression of the disease.


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