How to prepare for the exam without stress: psychologist’s advice


Как правильно подготовиться к экзамену без стресса: советы психолога

The hero of the film is about the adventures of Shurik said that the exam for him — always a holiday. Modern children with him fundamentally do not agree. Exams time turns into a stress occurring in non-stop mode. After all, unlike their mom and dad, they have to cram the material, but also to experience the hard conditions of delivery in foreign schools, under the eye of numerous cameras, without a single opportunity to write off or to pry answers in Cribs.

Today’s students stand such stresses what many experts call the transcendent. A year before the exam is dedicated to training. This means that you have to visit one of the many electives, to engage with Tutors, indulging in leisure, Hobbies and entertainment. And here comes the climax — the exam, to which a suitable squeezed like lemons.

It tells the teacher of the Department of Pediatrics, RMAPO, Professor Irina Holodova, the stress is called a universal physiological response of the organism to the different stimuli. The latter, oddly enough, can be positive event (e.g., wedding, winning the lottery, falling in love or well passed exam), and negative failure on the exam or the preparation for it. And yet the man is arranged so that it can adapt to everything. So says Professor Kholodov. However, some scientists do not agree with it.

There is a perception that our brain was not able to withstand the frenzied pace of modern life, so the stresses of this century he just can’t cope. As a result, the body reacts to them so that from time to time no one feels. But at some point a person develops the disease, which is called psychosomatic.

“We need to understand that stress has become our constant companion. And short-term stress is even useful to the body because they help him to be in good shape and stimulate to achieve goals, says Irina Kholodova. – However, it is important that stress is not developed into a chronic condition. So each of us must learn to switch back and relax. Only in this case will include self-regulation, which will help to return to normal.”

So, how to switch during this difficult period and examination session?

First. Pay attention to your diet. In the period preceding the examinations, do not abuse tonic drinks like tea or coffee, and perfectly and completely reject them. Because caffeine is included in their composition, though invigorating at the same time excessively stimulates brain activity, thus, ironically, reducing our ability to absorb information.

As for chocolate, it is, of course, provide a burst of energy, but it will last long. All of these “stimulants” it is better to replace more useful oranges, bananas or walnuts.

On exam day, and many a piece in a throat does not climb, but you need to force yourself to eat in the morning at least a little healthy carbs (fruit, porridge, vegetables). They help to prevent the condition of the sharp decline in the level of glucose in the blood, which may manifest as shivering, sweating, weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea, and even increase the risk of losing consciousness and fainting.

Second. Proper breathing is one of the most effective ways of dealing with panic States and stress. Breathing exercises are very effective in helping to cope with anxiety and unwanted emotions, and at the same time provides a rush of oxygen to the brain.

That’s very simple and very effective exercise that you can recall at a critical moment: close your eyes and begin to breathe very slowly and deeply. The exhale should be 2-3 times longer than inhalation. It is even possible to dream a little and imagine that you inhale the nose of your favorite flavor. Do you need to exhale through slightly pursed lips like you are blowing on a spoonful of hot porridge.

Third. If you remember the movie “the Most charming and attractive”, his heroine is constantly engaged in autotreninga or autosuggestion. And rightly so! Even very banal phrase “I am becoming calmer” work. Especially if you say it in the beat of breathing during the breathing exercises. Think of any similar phrases that are popular you. For example, “I do not doubt their abilities, I am calm and confident in themselves and their knowledge.” Or “My memory is impeccable. I remember all the little things.” Or “I worked hard and learned everything”. In General, a fantasy to help you. It is not necessary to believe in such auditory training. Just try it — and the brain begins to obey these commands.

Fourth. Do not forget about natural methods of dealing with stress. Exercises are a great way of clearing the brain and will keep you in shape. Stop for physical activities and training during intensive mental activity: make a few circular movements of the head, open up your hands, shake the shoulders. Effective attacks and Boxing, especially, if you imagine that apply for your fear blow by blow. Very useful self-massage of the occipital area of the head: it distracts from the obsessive fears and increases agility.

Fifth. Finally, there is a lot of sedatives. Traditional medicine offers in the pre-examination period to drink themselves herbal teas based on medicinal herbs: chamomile, motherwort, St. John’s wort. “And it’s better not to overdo it with traditional medicine, – says Irina Kholodova. Such medicinal teas can lead to the opposite effect: you become too sluggish and inhibited, you will be feeling disoriented, lost motivation towards the goal. In pharmacies today there are natural products stress which is composed of calendula, cranberry, celandine, liquorice, fighter and deadly. These drugs act on key symptoms of stress — normalizes sleep at night, eliminates anxiety, increases the adaptive capacity of the organism. They allowed even children.”


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