How to lose 100 kg: Tatiana Ustinova revealed his secret


The most famous author of detective stories told about his motivation and way to lose weight.

Popular author of detective Tatiana Ustinova became the guest of the program “Hello Andrew!”. In the broadcast she revealed to her fans the secret that they were interested in much more than her work: “how did she lose weight?”. For several years the writer has lost 100 pounds.

The secret is simple — hard diet Ustinov practically nothing to eat.

“Sometimes I think that she might starve for several days. And that’s assuming that she cooks really well,” he shared with the audience her eldest son, Timothy. “If she said she was going to lose weight, you will sweat in the gym and starve, but you will achieve results”.

According to the writer, the tenacity she showed for the children. To lose weight it is strongly recommended that doctors, and she decided not to risk your health.


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