How to look like the oldest forests on the planet. Photo


Как выглядят древнейшие леса на планете. Фото Here is something to see.

Getting back to nature might look like traveling back in time, especially if you are wandering the wilds of one of the oldest forests on the planet Earth. In some of these ancient tribes even today living without any contact with the advancing civilization will take you to this amazing nature.

Как выглядят древнейшие леса на планете. Фото

Forest Of Araucaria

Here are growing the most beautiful Chilean pine, some of which consist of more than thousand years. Scientists believe that the unusual, inverted crown of these trees is a result of evolution: so the plants are stripped of herbivorous dinosaurs down here for 180 million years ago.

Как выглядят древнейшие леса на планете. Фото

Les Yak

Moss-covered stones, overgrown with roots of Japanese cedar, are here for seven thousand years. Walk through the forest to the Yak takes you into a wonderful tale that will resonate with the local mythology. Take care of the trip: to get to this national Park, you will have to book the ticket on a special website.

Как выглядят древнейшие леса на планете. Фото

The Amazon rainforest

Over 55 million years of local forests virtually unchanged. Man continues to cut down these overgrown reserved, but even he, with all his boldness cave of the savage, can not do anything with the majestic disdain of nature. The authorities of Brazil and Peru made a national Park, in the depth of which live tribes who have never faced a civilization.

Forest Tarkin

This is isolated from the surrounding nature of the forest is a perfect example of what looked like our planet as much as 300 million years ago. Tarkin is the second largest example of a temperate rainforest in the world and home to 3000-year-old giant Huon pines, the second of the oldest living trees on the planet. Should hurry up to visit here, because the logging company wanted to spit on the story and are already starting work on the outskirts of the National Park.

Как выглядят древнейшие леса на планете. Фото

Forest Waipoua
New Zealand

Kauri trees stretch to the sky across the Northern tip of New Zealand. Maori discovered this country only in the 12th century of our era, and before that here no foot of man.

Как выглядят древнейшие леса на планете. Фото

Belovezhskaya Pushcha
Belarus, Poland

In the majority of European ancient forests always felt the imminent onset of winter – even if there now reigns the summer. The kings of this area used Belovezhskaya Pushcha as their own personal hunting possession, but now there is a national Park.

Как выглядят древнейшие леса на планете. Фото

The Daintree Forest

To the North of Brisbane is one of the most magical forests in the world. Millennial trees grow here interspersed with ancient ferns, researchers say they are over 110 million years. In the depths of the jungle stands a few small mountains, with peaks which offer a very majestic view.

Как выглядят древнейшие леса на планете. Фото

Ancient pine forest Bristlecone

It is believed that here lived a forefather of all mankind, the Patriarch Methuselah the son of Endoh and grandfather of Noah. Abstracting from religion, can be considered: an ancient pine forest Bristlecone a reminder of those times when humanity is in full force sitting on the branches of trees, and all of the food preferred bananas.


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