How to look at the bottom of the sea sunken ships. Photo


This is an unusual sight.

On the seabed in search of sea stars, corals or Sponge Bob. There are still sunken ships, planes and even tanks.
Underwater graveyard of trains, Atlantic ocean, new Jersey:

Volkswagen Beetle, sunk off the coast of Oklahoma to conceal the crime:

MV Rozi, a tug. Went down in 1992 off the coast of Malta:

The remains of the tracked assault vehicles LVT-4 near Hawaii:

American fighter shot down by Japanese pilots in the battle of the Solomon Islands during the Second world war:

Satil, an Israeli torpedo boat that sank near Eilat in the early 1990s:

Baron Gautsch ship, who came across a mine in the Adriatic during the First world war:

Light cruiser Coln, is flooded by crew in Scapa Flow in 1919 pursuant to the requirements of the Treaty of Versailles:

Tistleghorm, British ship, sunk by German aircraft in the Red sea in 1941:

Monterrey, a nineteenth century ship that sank in the Gulf of Mexico:

Giannis D, a Greek ship, in 1983, came upon the Red sea on the reef:


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