How to learn easy to Wake up in the morning


Как научиться легко просыпаться по утрамFor many, the morning is a real meal, but just because you make a lot of mistakes that ruin the morning.

The proposed simple rules, doing that morning, you will turn into a real pleasure. And the early Wake-up became a habit to repeat these rules for 28-30 days.

Go to bed early

To feel in the morning fresh and full of energy – go to bed at 22-23:00. This will provide you with a full 7-8 hours of healthy sleep.

Do not place your clock

Put the alarm clock at the exact time of rise and forget about the “5 more minutes” in bed. So you, first, will to train, and secondly, they have time to do all the morning things.

Eat after six

The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. This will allow you to Wake up negodnik and full of energy. But your last meal should be light. For example, a Cup of yogurt or light salad.

Make Breakfast delicious

After you Wake up at exactly six or seven in the morning, you deserve a reward. Add to your Breakfast chocolate or any other treats. You don’t hurt her figure, but the mood lift.

Drink water

Immediately after waking up drink a glass of cool water with lemon. After a couple of minutes you will feel inflow of forces and vivacity.


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