How to get the speck out of the eye properly


Как достать соринку из глаза правильно

In any place and at any time, no matter on the street whether You are outdoors or in the office, You can be a nuisance. You can get speck, or, for example, Midge. Foreign body sensation in the eye is not only discomfort, but actual danger. Eyes – in General the body is very delicate and requires careful handling, so get out the mote can be very problematic, especially on the street or in the campaign – no mirrors, no running water, and hands are not always clean. Rubbing eyes with hands is not a solution, because it could get infected and only aggravate the situation. It would seem that the situation is hopeless. However, fortunately, there is a procedure, compliance with which will allow You to get the speck out of the eye even in field conditions. Will consider it in more detail.

How to get the speck black tea?
For the gentleman who can appreciate, there is a folk remedy – black tea. Just take it Yes, brew as normal or slightly stronger. No need to brew a VAT of tea to rinse his eyes to quite a bit. After brewing, wait until it cools down, and then, with a piece of bandage, cotton pad or handkerchief soaked in it, making a poultice to the eye. You need to have missed at the same time.

You can also tilt your head up to get a good drip tea eyes (also need to blink and move them in different directions). If just a speck and it will not work, it just will be easier, because tea will reduce inflammation and irritation, do not develop infection. The same actions can be performed in the case that the eye was dirt. Even after they are removed, some time can be discomfort, redness and even pain.

How to get the speck out of your eye?
If You’re not experienced, it is better to do a less exotic way:

You will need a mirror, clean bandage or clean handkerchief. If You have some friends, the presence of the mirror is optional, you can just ask them to help. If You have to get the foreign body independently, that, without a mirror, the task will be much harder, so you should find at least some reflective surface. So, let’s get to business:

how to get the speck

wash your hands thoroughly, preferably with soap and water. If You are outdoors or Hiking, then this might be problematic. In this case you need to wash hands with the water that is available and to disinfect the hands with alcohol, Cologne or even wet wipes. Because they all contain alcohol, immediately in the eyes with the hand not necessary to climb, wait for a while to let the alcohol evaporate.
find a clean cloth, ideally a sterile bandage, also suggest to use a scarf, but it’s not the 18th century, it is unlikely that You take, for example, for a Bicycle ride, a handkerchief. So often you have to do than is – look fabric cleaner, preferably sterile and roll it in a triangle so that the end was still sharp and thin;
wet the end of the cloth. In any case, not alcohol! Ordinary clean water will be enough;
then, pull the upper eyelid and rotate the eyes to see the speck in the mirror, or to see Your assistant;
finding a foreign object, hook it to an acute angle bandage or cloth;
catching a speck, push her to the edge of the eye to pull.

How to get the speck?
It seems simple, however, there are some nuances: first, when the operations do not pull the lashes and not poke in the eye with all his strength, fear not, with careful handling, You practically won’t feel a thing. Second, in no case do not RUB the eye – the eye can get not only relatively harmless gnats, but also dust particles, grains of sand. Such solids can cause harm if I put pressure on them. In addition, the hands can be bacteria and germs. Thirdly, the human eye is arranged so that during sleep it produces self-cleaning, moving and moving all the excess in the corners, next to the lacrimal glands. This means that the next morning, the discomfort should disappear.

If the pain is unbearable or does not descend if symptoms of infection – swelling, redness, itching, immediately contact a doctor. Timely and qualified assistance will save Your eyesight and avoid problems. Well, finally, don’t forget that dirty hands get the mote is not necessary, it has not turned so that the debris got, but germs brought. Even sweat can cause inflammation, especially if the eyes have been scratched and formed mikrotreschinki.


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