How to get rid of the smell of sweat folk remedies


Как избавиться от запаха пота народными средствамиThe unpleasant smell from underarms can ruin anybody’s mood. Here are some effective home remedies to combat this phenomenon.

Apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is a great way to combat unpleasant body odor. Pour some vinegar in a small bowl, use a regular cotton ball to DAB it into the liquid and apply to the underarm area. Apply the recommended twice a day. Vinegar has antibacterial properties that kill the microbes that cause odor.

Baking soda. One teaspoon of baking soda mix with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the resulting solution directly to the skin in the armpits, leave on for two to three minutes, and then you can go in the shower. Baking soda helps to keep dry the areas of the body, that is struggling with excessive sweating. This combination can be applied daily for several weeks to obtain a stable effect.

Garlic. One of the best home remedies to combat bad underarm odor. Just one clove of garlic, add in your diet daily. If the use of garlic you is not very nice, you can take some dietary supplements containing this product.

Lemon. This fruit kills bacteria very effectively. A small piece of fresh lemon, divide into two halves and RUB each underarm area. Let the juice get under my skin before a shower. Perform this procedure daily, and it will help you to overcome the unpleasant body odor.


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