How to fall in icy conditions, to avoid injury


Как правильно падать условиях гололеда, чтобы избежать травмLearn to fall and to prepare for the fall psychologically necessary at home.

The worst thing in traumatology of the district hospital in the winter is to see how they brought a pregnant woman in her last month a woman slipped and sustained a fracture.

Next to her white husband who is also fit to assist. Due to pregnancy the woman did not immediately pricked painkillers. The pain was so tangible, that it seemed the air was heavy and oppressive…

People, stepping on slippery, we must not forget about the winter, one wrong move and the consequences will be for life. If there was an extreme situation – not on the ice to balance – better help yourself fall yourself that it was a controlled drop, it is advisable face forward. Should fall primarily on exposed arms, legs and head should be protected.

Optimally, of course, if the skill of falling at least once was worked out. There are many proper techniques of falling that nothing himself not to break, but if you have not mastered and did not work, it is better just to put hands, and if there is a broken arm, he is your mobility is not limited to bed do not bind, it is a lesser evil.

This is a very primitive and simple tips actually, to tell you about the technique of falling and grouping can be long, but in the hospital I realized that most of the victims either did not know these facts or did not give them values. People did not think how to fall, did not consider the scenario where they do not control.

I realized that most people don’t admit to yourself the probability of falling into extreme or tragic situation, and psychologically not prepared for a probable disaster.

As a result, the ice often people accelerate lose my balance. Loss of balance leads to imbalance – and if his hands in his pockets, they can not manage to get either a waved his hands, grasping at air, even though it exacerbates the situation. In the fall the drop many either trying to sit or trying to put the knees or hip.

The most severe consequences, that I saw in the hospital, gives an uncontrolled fall on the hip, and fracture is especially dangerous when the foot falls into some crevice in the ice, fixed, and the man who your weight yourself breaks.

The reason is basic – not ready to stress and to fall. In my opinion, to teach a man to be falling in school, but sport in schools the leadership of our education system is incomprehensible, the health of children in our education Ministry is a secondary thing, health do not emit a sufficient number of lessons, in contrast to the developed countries. Therefore, learning to fall and to prepare for the fall psychologically necessary at home. If you’re ready to fall, then more likely it is that resist.


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