How to eat for diabetics: tips from dietitians


Как правильно питаться диабетикам: советы от диетологовThe doctors explained what and how to eat to people suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes 1 or type 2 cannot be left without control and to live as well as to its diagnosis. Diabetics must completely change the lifestyle if they found out about their diagnosis in adulthood.

Diet and sport

These are the two main concepts that should be present in a person’s life, the body which suffers from a complete absence or lack of insulin. Of course, to sit on a rigid diet in diabetes is not necessary, but some foods will have to be abandoned. Sports should be regular, but at the same time moderate, as a strong physical exhaustion does not benefit anyone else brought and, even more, the man with diabetes.

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates

As you know, carbohydrates are substances that increase the level of glucose in the blood that diabetes is undesirable. Therefore, you should only eat simple carbs in the form of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, which contain a lot of fiber and will slow down the process of raising blood sugar levels.

Complex carbohydrates should be in the diet of a diabetic is very small and only a few days a week, but to completely eliminate them from the menu is not recommended. It is best to independently control the level of glucose in the blood after ingestion of carbohydrates to understand how to eat in the future, because some people even a simple carbohydrates are digested too quickly.

Fats can not harm the health of diabetics, because they do not increase glucose levels. But it is important to understand that excessive consumption of saturated and TRANS fats harm the body, even the most healthy person. Protein it is just as well, that is, the level of sugar in the blood, they are not affected, but with them it is possible to obtain a large amount of harmful saturated fats.

So it turns out that in the diet of diabetics to have the following products:

– lean meat and fish;

fresh and heat-processed but not roasted) vegetables;

– fruits, berries and greens;

– bean;

– dairy products;

– vegetable oil;

– nuts.

The best option is to consult with endocrinologist regarding diet and lifestyle in General. Your doctor will tell you which products should be mandatory in diet of diabetics, which is to high to cut, and which is forever eliminated.


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