How to cope with winter depression: proven methods


Как справиться с зимней депрессией: проверенные способыPsychologists have suggested how to overcome depression in the winter.

In winter, there are a lot of reasons to the mood of the people was, to put it mildly, bad. Short daylight hours and bad weather are the main causes of the deterioration in sentiment and the emergence of apathy in men and women. Everything else are problems at work, crowded public transport, traffic on the road and not in the morning starts the car, and also frequent colds accompanied by runny nose, high body temperature, weakness and drowsiness.

Bad mood and depression – different concepts

The mood you can be bad every day, but this does not mean that you suffer from depression, although in this situation the events of her short time left.

When a person has depression, he withdraws into himself, trying not to go outside and to the maximum minimizes the communication with the people around him. This condition is very dangerous and can even lead to thoughts of suicide.

How to prevent the development of winter depression?

– to make daily family walks in the evenings;

– sledding with children;

– not to abandon entertainment events, corporate events and other parties, where usually plays cheerful music, the tables are delicious and the laughter flowing;

– a romantic dinner for their second halves;

– on the weekends to head out of town, even just to get some fresh air;

– if you have the opportunity to rest a week or two abroad, where year-round summer;

– water Park or bath is a great relaxing places where you will be in a good mood;

theatre, circus, Palace of culture – a place that should be visited once a week, and the benefits they bring not only your mood, but also intellectual development.

These same methods can be used to cope with winter depression, if it is already developed.


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