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It is difficult to imagine a modern city dweller without a smartphone. This little device is necessary for communication, for work and for leisure. And, of course, everyone wants to obtain the maximum capacity and minimum cost. So the question is “Which smartphone to choose?”there remains always, the more that manufacturers every year encouraging users dozens of new models.

The first thing to remember is not always “new” means “better.” Even if a particular model has, the more impressive characteristics, like a greater number of cores or amount of memory, it doesn’t mean it’s better. Not all characteristics affect the quality of the phone and its overall performance. So, first of all, you need to understand what you want.

One of the most simple mobile for calls and SMS, while others need high performance, third – reliable battery, the fourth most important design and usability. Important is not the price or popularity of the brand, and the conformity of the smartphone to your needs.

So, your needs will depend on what operating system . The most popular OS is the Android and iOS, although there are other options. So, iOS from Apple, designed for devices of this brand. Experts and users report among its advantages simplicity, high optimization, stability, performance and compatibility with applications. On the other hand, all iPhone and iPad users are familiar with the problems associated with the secrecy of this system. Any changes in the settings, even the transmission of information require compliance with certain conditions.

Android in this regard is much easier. It allows you to easily configure the OS by itself, to remove and install any apps. This, of course, a plus and minus at the same time, as this system is much more vulnerable to malware.

Other operating systems are on the market much less space and not so popular among users, while being noticeably weaker and Android, and iOS.

The following parameter, which pay attention to the customers – screen. Its diagonal directly affects not only the size and weight of the gadget, but the ease of storage and use. The smaller the screen, the more compact smartphone and at the same time manage them is not so convenient. Watch photos and videos, play is also better on the bigger screen.

It is widely believed that the higher permission – the better. However, for many phones, especially a small diagonal, this rule is not true. It is difficult for the eye to see the difference between a 5-inch full HD and 5.5-inch 4K screen. Meanwhile, the high resolution can adversely affect the performance of the smartphone and the power consumption. Optimal for phones resolution will be HD for screens up to 5 inches and FullHD for models with larger diagonal.

As Regards cameras – it is not so simple. The photo quality is influenced not only by the number of megapixels, but also the type and size of sensor, optics, image processing algorithms and other options. So it’s best to do some test shots in the store and to assess whether the quality suits you personally.

If the choice of phone you primarily concerned with battery life here , too, it is necessary to consider not only the battery capacity, and other factors. Smartphones with the same battery, but different electronic stuffing will work in different ways. The same screen size directly affects the energy consumption, not to mention brightness, the type of matrix, the processor and, of course, the mode of use.

For a small smartphone with a diagonal of 4 inches ample 1500 mAh battery, but the 5.5-inch display will require a minimum of 3000 mAh. If you need telephone holding a charge in active use for a long time, you can pay attention to the model with the largest battery capacity – there are options for up to 10000 mAh. However, most users need battery no.

The period of work of all rechargeable batteries have about the same – 2-3 years, although usually this figure depends on the number of cycles of charge-discharge and proper operation. Exact values usually can be found on the website of the manufacturer. If you plan to use a smartphone as long as possible, better to choose models with removable battery – then you will be able install a new battery when the time comes.

Internal memory can dramatically vary, from 4 to 128 GB depending on the price category of smartphone. The best choice would be a model with 16 or 32 GB, with an additional slot under the memory card in case you need more space.

But when choosing a smartphone it is important to pay attention not only to the stuffing. The case material is not less important – it depends on how long the smartphone to retain the original look and how to cope with mechanical damage.

So, a phone with a glass back wall look stylish, but are too fragile and uncomfortable, despite the fact that manufacturers use a special high impact glass.

Metal will be much stronger, and looks more solid. But only the first time – the paint is quickly wiped off and a scratch, and the smartphone will lose all my presentable.

So often in the production of smartphones used plastic. It can be glossy or matte, or have a special Soft-touch surface, making the case less slippery and more pleasant to the touch. But the scratches and scuffs will be less noticeable on the matte plastic.

If you are going to buy a new smartphone, you need to evaluate all these parameters and decide which ones are most important. So you will be able to find a model that will perform all the tasks without having to the extra options and unnecessary features.

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