How to change the prices of cars in Ukraine to 2018: forecast announced


Как изменятся цены на авто в Украине в 2018 году: озвучен прогнозThe future owners of a car note.

The reduction in tariffs on imported cars – a lot or a little

In 2018, imported cars from the EU will drop by 1% because of lower fees. The Association agreement with the EU Ukraine needs to reduce duties on imported cars from EU to 0. But while the level of import rates for petrol and diesel cars with the EU ranging from 9% to 10%. Under the agreement, Ukraine may establish a transition period of 10 years, which he did. Every year the fee will be reduced by 1%.

But this percentage is almost not noticeable, the Chairman of the all-Ukrainian Association of automobile importers and dealers Oleg Nazarenko. Annually to machines with internal combustion engine (ice) increased environmental requirements. The manufacturer is forced to introduce new technologies that would make the vehicle environmentally safe. This leads to a rise in the cost of the car.

“This percentage is almost nothing, – says Oleg Nazarenko. Is 100-90 dollars, a decrease of one car. And cars becoming more expensive from year to year, as they are pushed more and more environmental requirements.”

If the car is worth $ 10,000, the reduction of excise duty of 1% is only $ 100, which do not affect the value of the car.

Ukraine could reduce the fee to 0. It would be more noticeable. In addition to duties for customs clearance of the car must pay the excise tax (depends on engine size) and value added tax at 20%. Oleg Nazarenko believes that cars should be exempt from all taxes. Then the cars will be available izmenitsa the amount of the import of machinery without customs clearance on the Polish and Lithuanian rooms.

That will affect car prices

Effect on prices the pricing policy of the manufacturer and the hryvnia exchange rate to the currency of the procurement.

Regular small decrease of rates of duties on cars from the EU will not affect the prices, agrees Sergey Borovik, marketing Director of group of companies “AIS”. “The Euro against the hryvnia, however, the dollar is also growing significantly faster than the reduced rates of duty. For example, during the year, the Euro strengthened against the dollar by 10% -15%, that is, cars with the EU in dollars become more expensive for 10% -15%. Add to that the devaluation of the hryvnia, ” – said the expert.

In the currency of the price of cars for the year has not changed. Short-term stock and other promotions do not count.

But the demand for new cars increased rapidly in relation to the same period last year. In autumn, the growth stopped, the dynamics of November with a slight disadvantage to the last year, adds Borovik.

“The reason for the drop in demand the last few months -” Lithuanians “, the legal b / y imports, devaluation. At the end of the year, we expect the market capacity of new cars with about 80 000 units, ” – said Sergey Borovik.

Among the new passenger cars in Ukraine traditionally the most popular class SUV medium price segment.

Used cars waiting for record sales

2018 the year can become record for the sale of used cars. In December 2018 th ends the concessional rate of excise duty for clearance of used machines taken in 2016. preferential rates made used cars for 2000-4000 thousand dollars cheaper. If the Parliament does not renew the law, the car will rise from 2019.

Since the beginning of 2017, the Ukrainians cleared at the concessional excise duty 50309 b / avtomobiliv. This is 3.8 times more than in the same period of 2016. The number of imported cars in 2018 will grow not less.

Prior to the entry into force of the law the excise tax was so great that the tax burden on the old vehicle reached 90% – almost as much cost this car.

Significantly cheaper only electric cars

Ukraine since the new year will free electric cars from taxes: VAT 16.8 per cent and excise duty is 109 euros. There will be only a Pension Fund is 4.8%.

From VAT and excise duty electric cars are exempt in the year to 31 December 2018. The Parliament also deprived from VAT taxi service with electric cars and rentals and leasing electric cars. However, these changes still must be signed by the President.

In November 2015, Ukraine abolished a 10% duty on import of electric cars. Because of this, in the country in 2016 and 2017 has doubled the number of electric cars.

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The abolition of VAT and excise tax will increase sales tenfold, according to Oleg Nazarenko. It will make electric cars cheaper than in Europe, 17%, predicts the co-founder of Tesla Club Ukraine Nazar Shimon-David. For example, in Poland VAT on electric vehicles – 23%. Now in Ukraine is mostly supported electric cars. But the abolition of taxes brings them in the price of cars with internal combustion engine (ice).


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