How to change the costumes of figure skaters over the last hundred years. Photo


The difference is impressive.

The winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang in full swing, and, of course, one of the most popular competitions remains figure skating.

From the long skirts and hats to translucent mini dresses — find out, how to change the costumes of figure skaters.

One thousand nine hundred twenty four

Long skirts, sweaters, gloves and hats — dress like a skater 20 years. Namely, this photo was taken during the first Winter Olympics in 1924!

One thousand nine hundred thirty six

In 1936, the figure skaters ‘ costumes, less closed and more comfortable — skirts are much shorter, but gloves and hats are still in gear.

One thousand nine hundred forty eight

And again, the changes are obvious: the skirt became even shorter, and the cardigan replaced the button-down shirt.

One thousand nine hundred fifty six

Slowly but surely the costumes of the skaters are moving to a more usual modern variations. But yet they include some items of clothing instead of one.

One thousand nine hundred sixty four

The costume of the figure skaters has finally become continuous (and convenient for implementation of the various elements), but gamma is not happy with the variety — all athletes are simply black-and-white outfits.

One thousand nine hundred seventy six

In the 70s the colors and textures of the costumes become more varied — more of a skater choose lightweight materials and all kinds of decor.

One thousand nine hundred eighty eight

Rhinestones, sheer panels, contrasting color — in the 80s the costume becomes complete and important “member” of any of the skaters.

One thousand nine hundred ninety four

Up to 90 costumes with short sleeves are not allowed — Olympic champion Chen Lu was one of the first skaters who decided to “shorten” the length is regulated.

Two thousand ten

Meanwhile, the international skating Union established a new regulation regarding costumes for performances, noting that they should not be too kitschy and theatrical, but nevertheless can reflect the character of the chosen music. But, as you can see from the photo, the restriction is quite conditional and does not interfere with the athletes to find suitable images.

Two thousand fourteen

Sheer mesh and rhinestones are finally appreciated in the images of the modern skaters today it is hard to imagine a Puritan outfits a La the 20-ies and 30-ies.


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