How to catch bonus game on the slot at online casinos


Как словить бонусную игру на слоте в онлайн казиноAll slot machines pay out, especially in casino PointLoto. Moreover, all online casino slots almost the same percentage of return, with minimal variation. However, the order of deposition of the winnings are different everywhere. Many fans of slot machines directly identify large winnings trigger the bonus games with slots, and it makes sense.

First of all, it should be noted that the presence or absence of bonus games in a particular slot is not an indicator of winning potential: it’s everywhere high. But it just so happened that the vast majority of customers online casino Ukraine like to play slots with bonuses, rather than monotonically to turn the simplest devices, where there is only base gameplay. And for fans to catch bonusu there are a number of secrets.

To be more likely to wait for the drop on the screen the bonus round, it is recommended to choose a slot with low volatility. That is, those where the maximum payout is 1,000 credits. And let you are not confused more modest amounts in accumulative order, it will give its effect.

So, looking at the pay table and saw max low wines as well as footnote on the presence of bonus games – you can safely to take up the case. In this case, a high probability. that for 100 spins or fewer, the bonus game will fall at least once.

Moreover, there are slots that tell you how it’s coming bonusy. The most popular example is the Starburst slot machine from Microgaming, where the loss of each base combination makes running Bonucci little closer, and it is displayed on a separate scale.

Slot machines in modern online casinos a lot, and try different slots – this means finding new opportunities for themselves easier wins.


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