How to become sick and fat ?


Как стать больным и толстым ?

16 October – Intern. day of action against McDonalds

If someone thinks that coming to Moscow to work it will pull money with a shovel and go to restaurants, you are greatly mistaken.

However in “restaurants” where young people sell hamburger, he go still have. Just before such places were called cafes or dining room, or simply a cutlet.

Type went in, ate a couple of cutlets with garnish and ran on about their business. And now the owners of chains of cafes that sell cake in a bun, proudly (and not disinterested !) call them restaurants.

It should be noted that owners of modern “kotlety” began to adjust to the desire of the Russian youth to live “European.” So they began to invent all sorts of innovations and to offer young visitors who would be attracted to all the bright and foreign, and hamburgery with two and even three fingers. And they continue to live by a friend since childhood, the principle of “chew-chew, swallow !”.

By the way, Muscovites prefer to eat healthy food at home, are unlikely to attend such “kotlety”. Well, a naive Russian workers and Asian migrant workers, watching colorful advertising, I think that all these hamburger made from natural meat and not the waste products of slaughterhouses.

(Satire. The spelling of the text is changed)

Sergey Paliy.


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